Every Thought I Had While Watching the First Two Episodes of “Love Triangle”


The time has come where “Love Triangle” has returned to our screens once again, promising a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and unexpected connections. And boy, they weren’t joking. The first two episodes dropped on Stan today, and already, we want more.

For those of you who crave the chaos that the “Married at First Sight” creators bring to the table, you’re in for a treat with “Love Triangle”. This show combines the best elements of romance, strategy, and jaw-dropping reality TV twists, ensuring you won’t want to look away. With a fresh group of six singles ready to dive headfirst into the ultimate love experiment, we’re in for a wild ride.

Love, drama, and blind dates — “Love Triangle” has it all. As I settled in to watch the first two episodes of this reality dating show, I had no idea what lay ahead. From awkward Tinder dates to unexpected connections, here are all my unfiltered thoughts while watching the drama unfold.

Every Thought I Had While Watching “Love Triangle”

Episode One

  • Let the games begin!
  • Kudos to these brave singles for putting their dating lives in the hands of complete strangers. The thought of having my romantic fate determined by others for the whole world to see sends shivers down my spine.
  • Horror Tinder dates? That’s one way to start a show!
  • Sam seems to take himself way too seriously.
  • Did Nellie really give her number to the guy who “shat himself” during a David Attenborough show? I need answers.
  • Three days to choose between two suitors seems like an incredibly short amount of time. Are they aware they will eventually meet both anyway?
  • I love the idea of getting to know someone’s personality before their looks. Maybe more dating should be like this.
  • Jacinta seems to be vibing with Nemo, despite not dating men for years.
  • Sam, the self-proclaimed ladies’ man, is in for an interesting season. I’m sensing some potential drama here; could he be the season’s villain?
  • Sam’s reaction to dating someone a year older is priceless. Why is he so taken aback by a one-year age difference?
  • Did he really just say, “There’s a few more kilometres in the older models”?
  • Nellie needs her own dating show, she’s hilarious! Her wit and charm is definitely stealing the spotlight.
  • Those are some of the best conversation starters I’ve ever heard, I might just steal them when in need.
  • We need to protect Nellie at all costs!
  • OK, it’s time to find out who our first three singles are choosing. That was quick. We love when they don’t drag things on!
  • TBH I am shocked to see Sam pick Emily, the woman he referred to as having “extra mileage” for being older than him.
  • The look on Sam’s face when he first saw Emily speaks volumes. His expression says more than words ever could.
  • Did he actually just say “Oh no” when he first set eyes on Emily?
  • Sam’s first comment to Emily is about her height — is he really that insecure?
  • This is so awkward. But I’m loving these digs, Emily. Sam, maybe short kings aren’t her type, either?
  • Please tell me this is just editing making everything coming out of Sam’s mouth seem so much worse.
  • I’m glad to see Jacinta again, that date with Sam was getting intense.
  • Her date with Nemo seems to be going well. The chemistry between them is undeniable, but can it last?
  • Are they too normal for a dating show? In a world of dramatic reality TV, their genuine connection seems almost suspicious.
  • Is real love dead, or am I just too skeptical of dating shows? I find myself questioning if true love can really be found in this unconventional setting.
  • I would love to see what these singles had pictured in their minds before actually meeting each other.
  • Nellie’s choice is obvious — we stan fireman Dan!
  • I’m weirdly nervous for Nellie meeting Dan. My emotional investment in their potential relationship is off the charts.
  • Uh oh, Nellie just compared Dan to her dad — BUT he’s taking it well.
  • Did I just catch myself grinning stupidly at the screen? 
  • OK. Love is dead. I’m not even dating Dan and he’s just broken my heart.
  • I hope Dan can come back in with an open mind; these two seem like such a great match.
  • Despite initial setbacks, Sam and Emily seem to be getting along well. Perhaps there’s hope for them after all.

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Episode Two

  • Here we go again, another round of emotional rollercoasters.
  • Alan has already won me over with his dog, Fev.
  • He wants to steer clear of his “FBoy” stereotype, but his texting tells a very different story.
  • We love a bit of banter, who doesn’t love a ‘U Up’ text?
  • The downfall of blind text dating is a lot of missed sarcasm and humour. And that is exactly the case in this instance.
  • Caity’s cold shoulder and “mate” comment is brutal. She’s not pulling any punches.
  • Sexual innuendo is pouring from Jessica — Alan’s choice is clear.
  • Look away, Fev!!
  • I feel like I need a bit of a breather after what transpired in their late-night chat. It’s too much.
  • Tamera is a breath of fresh air with her confidence. Her self-assuredness is admirable.
  • The editing makes her seem overconfident, but we love a girl who knows her self-worth.
  • The girl knows what she wants and what she deserves. There’s nothing wrong with that.
  • Maybe there is something wrong with that many questions to kick-start a conversation, though.
  • Brisbane boy Sueli just has that loveable vibe about him who doesn’t take himself too seriously.
  • I’m not usually a fan of mullets, but it totally suits his look.
  • Is it normal to drink beer like that? The froth on the lips and slow-motion lick. DYING.
  • I instantly think Nellie and Sueli would be the PERFECT match. Can we get this set up, please?
  • Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of Ed Sheeran or Britney Spears!
  • Lili is totally a boss b***h, but I think she might scare Sueli off.
  • Sueli is like a little kid at a candy store, it’s so cute! 
  • Well, waking up to 22 messages from Lili in the morning is a lot to take in.
  • He has definitely got the ick now. This is actually interesting to see how some men think.
  • Trigger warning, please!
  • Seeing the words “I can hear the waves crashing in your vagina” was definitely not on the cards for my day.
  • I can not believe you just said that either, Alan.
  • I thought we were trying to avoid the “FBoy” look?
  • My gut tells me that Jessica isn’t going to be anything like Alan expected when they meet.
  • Oh no. The look says it all! He is definitely not interested in Jessica. 
  • What were you saying about those waves crashing again? 
  • Now we’re back to Sulei, who is about to meet Lisa. Please let us have a happy ending here.
  • Instantly, I can tell that these are two genuine people, and I’m stoked!
  • Now this is what a normal first date should look like. There’s banter, awkwardness, and good vibes all round. It’s… normal? Their date is a refreshing change from the drama.
  • Now it’s the moment of truth for Tamera, who is quite torn on who to choose from Jackson or Sam.
  • I feel like Tamera wants this fairytale ending but is going to be extremely disappointed with Sam. Let’s hope he took the hint and rocks up to the date with some flowers. Her expectations are high.
  • Oh nope, scratch that. He came empty-handed, and I can tell just by the look on Tamera’s face she’s not keen.
  • I feel like she’s going to be a hard one to be persuaded once she makes her mind up, so I think we can completely scrap any chance of these two becoming a thing.
  • Now back to Alan and Jessica. Things took an unexpected turn after Alan opened up about his struggles growing up and dealing with cancer.
  • I’m so glad to hear Alan say he chose the right girl. But with a second one thrown into the mix, will that throw a spanner in the works?

Brand new episodes of “Love Triangle” Season 2 will drop every Thursday, only on Stan.

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