DWTS’ Luke Jacobz and Fiancé Raychel Stuart Haven’t Seen In Each Other In Over a Year

Luke Jacobz

Luke Jacobz is stealing hearts once again on Dancing With the Stars: All Stars in a second attempt at winning the coveted mirror ball trophy.

Paired with Jorja Freeman, Jacobz took on a vampire-themed Paso Doble and were awarded a perfect score.

Todd McKenney was so impressed, he called it “one of the best dances I have ever seen on Dancing With the Stars“, while judge Mark Wilson said: “I can say I was there that night when they did that Paso Doble!”

Of course, fans of the show were very impressed by Jacobz — who once acted on Home and Away — but none more than his fiancé Raychel Stuart.

Unfortunately, Stuart wasn’t able to attend the filming of the hit show due to the fact that she is LA-based. Not only that but the pair have been in a long-distance relationship due to the global pandemic.

In good news, Jacobz’ leading lady is finally on her way to Australia with the 40-year-old confirming to Woman’s Day that she will be here in June.

Jacobz met Stuart a few years ago and the couple started dating as he was moving back to Sydney and agreed to do long-distance because he was still going back and forth between the two countries.

In November 2018, Jacobz propsed at a Thanksgiving dinner and planned to marry in November 2020, however, when COVID-19 hit, they had to postpone.

“Today, I was supposed to Marry the Love of my Life. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has forced us to Postpone [sic],” Jacobz wrote in a post on Instagram.

“NOT CANCEL. This year has been incredibly difficult for us because we haven’t seen each other since 22nd January- 294 Days or 7,055+hrs, which is 423,400+ minutes since I have held her hand, brushed the hair back over her ear, looked into her eyes, made her coffee, picked her up and hugged her, slapped her butt, slow danced with her, made her breakfast in bed, opened the car door for her, raced her up the stairs with her, given her the pickle off my burger, shared popcorn with her, watched Jeopardy with her, held her face and kissed her…”

According to Jacobz, his lady love is the “most amazing, kind, funny, thoughtful, caring, selfless, generous, understanding Woman I have ever met in my life,” and even though they’ve “been through some incredibly difficult times… This year has been harder than Thor’s Hammer but- we have worked really hard.. and no matter where we are, on this Earth- I will do my best to be Her Starlord until the end of time.”

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