Yikes! MAFS’ Lyndall’s Brutal Blow to Cam During Final Vows

MAFS’ Lyndall’s Brutal Blow to Cam During Final Vows
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Marking the end of the “MAFS” experiment, Lyndall made sure to go out with a bang during her final vows to Cam.

The bride expressed her concerns about Cam’s lack of affection towards her while at his Northern Territory home. Things quickly unraveled and it was pretty evident that things weren’t going to work out between the pair. But what hit home for Lyndall was Cam’s revelation at the final dinner party that he is not falling in love with her. 

The pair left on horrible terms but reunited a week later for their final vows. Lyndall took the lead and started reminiscing on the happy times they had spent together. She reiterated her unwavering commitment to their relationship for better or for worse. However, she emphasised that there had been times when Cam had let her down. As someone with Cystic Fibrosis, she had not wanted to waste any more time being held back, certainly not by Cam.

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Lyndall’s Vows

“This entire relationship has been on your terms and your terms alone. My patience has been challenged, my commitment has been taken for granted,” she said.

“…I have now been given a miracle, a fresh start, a new version of my life that is completely unburdened and unlimited. I won’t spend another moment of that life restricted. Not by my condition, not by my body, not by fear, and certainly not by you.

MAFS’ Lyndall’s Brutal Blow to Cam During Final Vows
Channel 9

“To put it plainly, stay in your lane and I’ll stay in mine. I want to build a life I’m proud of and that life does not include you.”

Having said her piece, she had told Cam that she did not want to hear his vows. She knew she would be disappointed by him again.

Grabbing his vows from his jacket pocket, Cam threw them onto the ground and exclaimed, “Fine, you can have them then.” He stormed off, demanding, “Get me in the car, I’m leaving. I’m done with this.”

Lyndall wasn’t surprised by the groom’s response, admitting: “It wouldn’t be a hard conversation without Cam spitting the dummy and storming out.”

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