MAFS 2023: Drama-Filled Commitment Ceremonies Are Back! Here’s What You Need to Know

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It wouldn’t be “Married At First Sight” without bombshells, relationship dramas and explosive dinner parties, and although we’re only in the second week of the new season, we’ve seen several of these issues bubble up.

Jesse thinks Claire may have cheated on him with fellow groom Adam. Shannon told Caitlin that he’s still in love with his ex-fiancée. And two of the grooms have been accused of gaslighting and emotional abuse. Again, it’s only week two!

What we haven’t seen yet is a commitment ceremony, but don’t you worry, it’s coming! Over the seasons, the commitment ceremonies have been the source of absolute chaos. We’re talking mind-blowing secrets, cheating scandals and more, all revealed in front of the nation as each couple faces the three experts on the couch. 

The first commitment ceremony of the season is set to take place on Sunday, and if the explosive teaser is anything to go by, it’s going to be another unmissable episode of reality TV. Let’s unpack what we know so far.

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What to Expect From First MAFS Commitment Ceremony

Buckle up, folks! “MAFS” has given viewers a sneak peek at what to expect this coming Sunday, and it seems like it’s going to be an unmissable episode.

It all begins with another wild cheating allegation, and it would appear that Lyndall is caught in the middle of it.

“Adam turned to me and he said, ‘I’m gonna go home with Claire’,” Lyndall tells the group, who are shocked to the core.

Next thing we know, it cuts to expert John Aiken laying down the law.

“I’ve got to call out some behaviour. That is unacceptable,” John says. “It is selfish, it is disrespectful, it is beyond belief.”

But it’s not all drama. We hear several couples gushing about their “magical” relationships so far, with bride Tahnee even saying that everything is “too good” for her and Ollie right now.

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What Happens at MAFS Commitment Ceremonies?

The “MAFS” commitment ceremonies are like a form of relationship counselling. The contestants come face-to-face with the three experts, and open up about any issues they’re experiencing in their marriage. 

The experts quiz each contestant on how everything is going so far and help them hash out any relationship issues. After their couch therapy session, each participant must reveal whether they want to ‘stay’ or ‘leave’ the experiment. But they can only exit the experiment if both of them write ‘leave’.

The experts can also raise any issues that just aren’t sitting right with them. Take last year’s cheating scandal between Carolina and Daniel for instance. When the couple entered the commitment ceremony hand-in-hand, they left everyone completely stunned — after all, they were each wed to someone else within the experiment at the time.

With the experts in stunned disbelief, some of the contestants even walked out of the room, upset by the couple’s revelation.

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We expect this year to be no different, the only thing we hope to see more of is the experts cracking down on poor behaviour. 

“Married At First Sight” continues Sunday at 7.00pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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