‘Don’t Believe You’: MAFS’ Expert Calls Out Harrison at the Final Commitment Ceremony

MAFS' Expert Calls Out Harrison at the Final Commitment Ceremony
Channel 9

Although it’s been a grueling eight weeks, the “Married At First Sight” experiment is nearing an end. With the upcoming Final Vows, the pressure was high for each of the six remaining couples to make the right decisions at the final commitment ceremony.

Tensions were already at an all-time high following the explosive Dinner Party, and some couples were teetering on the edge. All eyes were on Bronte and Harrison, who had been expected to leave after Bronte was a no-show. But if we’ve learned anything from this pair so far, it’s to expect the unexpected.

As the couple faced the experts, Harrison revealed that he had put boundaries in place to hold Bronte accountable for her behaviour.

“She talked poorly to friends and family about me and expressed the need to leave the relationship,” he said. “I considered these things deal breakers.”

MAFS' Expert Calls Out Harrison at the Final Commitment Ceremony
Channel 9

Bronte was hurt by Harrison’s words and revealed that Lyndall had heard him call her a “gaslighter and fake”.

“That really hurt me to hear that because I’m none of those things,” she added.

When expert Mel Shilling asked Harrison if he had said those things, he claimed he couldn’t recall. Mel challenged him, saying, “I’m asking you a pretty direct question… and I genuinely don’t believe you. And this is a pattern we see with you, Harrison.”

“Bronte’s saying to you there might be a time when you’ve crossed that boundary. You’re not able to admit to that. What you’re giving her is double-speak, confusing language. That stuff’s not going to help her get clarity in this relationship.”

But Harrison stuck to his guns, adamant he can’t recall saying those things.

“I don’t remember saying them, and if I did say it, then I take accountability for it,” he added.

Despite the experts’ concerns and the group calling out the inconsistencies, both Harrison and Bronte chose to stay in the relationship.

“Married At First Sight” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday — Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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