MAFS Groom Shannon Tells ‘Wife’ He’s Still In Love With His Ex-Fiancée

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Married At First Sight” is no stranger to drama, we all know that. But this season is just the gift that keeps on giving. 

On tonight’s episode, we watched our newlyweds take the next big step in their relationship by moving in together. They also faced the beginning of confessions week and the dreaded photo ranking task. This particular challenge has caused tension in previous seasons, and now, it has returned with a vengeance.

Newlyweds Caitlin and Shannon have had a smooth-sailing journey so far, but the photo ranking challenge soon saw them hit their first hurdle as a couple. As the groom made his way through ranking the other brides, Caitlin expressed concern at the tone of her ‘husband’s’ commentary.

At one point, Shannon said that Melinda was the kind of woman you would “show off to your mates”, which Caitlin considered a red flag. It all seemed a bit insensitive, and Caitlin wasn’t very impressed.

“I don’t think that he realised that the stuff he’s saying is still f**kboy behaviour,” she told producers. 

Her concerns were further emphasised when her new ‘husband’ ranked her second, after Melinda. But then Shannon decided that he wanted to reshuffle things, and bumped her down to third place. 

Caitlin was left speechless and frankly, we were too. Honesty is key in any relationship, but that was just unnecessary and nasty.

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Understandably, the pair were on rocky terms after the challenge, but the drama was far from over for Shannon and Caitlin.

Soon, the bride was left reeling once again, after she overheard her ‘husband’ having an “emotional phone call” with his ex-fiancée, who he spent seven years with.

Seeing how visibly distraught Shannon was after the call, Caitlin wanted answers, but we don’t think she was expecting his response. 

The groom told Caitlin his previous relationship was “toxic” and “on-and-off”, but while he wanted to move on, he felt like he just couldn’t let her go.

“I’m still thinking about my ex… I hate the fact that I say this, but I still love her,” he confessed. “… I just feel like I’m leading two people on.”

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Caitlin looked like she was in utter disbelief. The bride broke down in tears after Shannon left the room, and fair enough! Like, how does one react to their ‘husband’ telling them they’re literally in love with someone else? 

“I was just hoping that this time I’d be with someone who could love me… but no, and I’m not surprised,” she told the cameras.

After such a heavy confession, we’re not sure if there’s any moving forward for the pair.

“Married At First Sight” airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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