“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Jack Leaves Tori Feeling “Sick to the Stomach”


What a “MAFS” dinner party that was during Wednesday night’s episode. The tension was so thick, you could practically cut it with a knife, especially when Lauren and Jack went head-to-head at the table. And who could forget that comment Jack made? It left us all gobsmacked, and now, it’s rearing its head at the commitment ceremony tonight.

Confrontation reached a boiling point when Jack directed a demeaning comment towards Lauren, when he told her husband, Jonathan, to “muzzle” his wife. Yup, you read that right.

So buckle up, because we’ve got a lot to unpack. Let’s dive into this “MAFS” recap.

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Jonathan Apologises… To Jack?

Alright, let’s break down the juicy drama that went down with Jonathan and Lauren, and Tori and Jack, after last night’s drama-fuelled dinner party.

So, Jonathan and Lauren find themselves right in the middle of what we’ve dubbed “muzzle-gate”. Lauren is furious that she was “left out to dry” with no support from her husband. However, things took an unexpected turn when Jonathan’s apology shifted towards Tori and Jack, adding fuel to the fire.

“Jack and Tori had a really rough night and I felt responsible,” Jonathan admits. “I didn’t realise it was going to be brought up like this, so I just wanted to apologise for my part in that.”


Lauren’s left completely blindsided, and even the experts find themselves scratching their heads. When asked who’s more important – Lauren or Jack, expert John isn’t buying Jonathan’s response.

Then, John delves into that explosive comment Jack made and Jonathan’s failure to support his wife.

“If someone said that to me about my wife, I wouldn’t back down. I’d come out guns blazing,” John asserts.

The silence from Jonathan and the other men doesn’t escape notice either. Why didn’t anyone stand up to Jack? But despite the chaos, Jonathan and Lauren decided to stick it out for another week.

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Jack Faces the Experts


Now, onto Tori and Jack. On the surface, they were all smiles and unity, but there was definitely a storm brewing underneath. Of course, Jack’s controversial comments at the dinner party had everyone raising eyebrows, even the experts.

Expert Mel wastes no time in questioning why Jack made such a derogatory comment towards a woman. Initially, Jack tries to brush it off, claiming he “snapped”, but eventually admits to feeling ashamed of his actions.

“I’ve never used that kind of language towards a woman before in my life. My family would be appalled, and my sisters would be appalled,” he confesses. “It’s hitting home, and I’m really ashamed.”


Mel then points out to Tori how Jack’s behaviour under pressure is a reflection of his character as a man. Tori begins to question her own feelings as she grapples with the reality of Jack’s actions. It’s as if her rose-tinted glasses have been shattered, as she says Jack’s comment made her feel “sick to the stomach”. However, in a surprising turn of events, they decide to push forward in the experiment.

The commitment ceremony was a real turning point for both couples. Tension was high, emotions were running wild, and tough decisions had to be made. But you know what? Despite the rocky road ahead, they’re all in (for now).

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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