“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Tori Drops Bombshell on Jack: “You Should Go Now”


As the sun rises on another day in the “MAFS” universe, we find ourselves on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating the next commitment ceremony. And boy, oh boy, are things heating up between Tori and Jack.

After a wild ride at the dinner party, it seems their relationship is hitting a few bumps in the road. Jack’s got cold feet about the speed of their romance, especially after a heart-to-heart with Tori’s gal pal, Lea, left him questioning just how committed Tori really is. Buckle up, folks, because tonight, the couples are going to bare their souls. It’s time for each couple to air out their relationship woes and make the call on whether they’ll stick it out or call it quits. And spoiler alert: one couple’s journey is about to reach its end.

Let’s dish out the deets on this week’s “MAFS” rollercoaster.

Tori and Jack

Following the latest dinner party, it’s safe to say that Tori and Jack haven’t exactly been winning over hearts as the experiment’s golden couple. From Jack’s infamous “muzzle” remarks to stirring up drama seemingly out of thin air, they’ve become the talk of the town. Sitting down for their turn on the couch, Tori opens up about the intense emotions Timothy has been stirring up within her, and the fiery outburst she had at the last dinner party.

“It takes me a lot to get me to a point of anger that I was at last night but Timothy obviously does a good job at getting me to a certain point,” she admits. “I really did blow up… it took a minute time to get me to a level that I was feral.”


“I don’t like smug,” she adds. “Smug is sneaky and sneaky is disingenuous and I don’t like disingenuous people.”

Tori goes on to say that Timothy’s jab at Jayden hit her just as hard as Jack’s infamous “muzzle your woman” line, but the others aren’t buying it. The experts and other couples look at her in disbelief, and expert John asks Tori to clarify why that comment got her more fired up than Jack’s comment.

“I was angry at that comment and I was disappointed at Jacks,” Tori says. “I think anger and disappointment are two different things.”

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He’s Just Not That Into You


Next, it’s Jack’s turn under the spotlight, and boy, does he have some soul-searching to do. After a heart-to-heart with Tori’s BFF Lea, he’s suddenly seeing a softer side to Tori and feeling the pressure to step up his game. Tori, vulnerable and raw, admits she’s on the brink of shutting down emotionally if things don’t pan out.

“I am so exposed right now, no one gets this side of me… if it gets damaged or questioned… I’ll probably close myself off,” she admits.

Expert John isn’t pulling any punches and presses Jack about the depth of his feelings for Tori. Jack’s nerves are palpable as he confesses to feeling the pressure cooker of emotions.

When John asks Jack if he thinks Tori is more into him than he is into her, Jack hesitates.

“Maybe a little bit,” he admits. Jack says that he feels like Tori’s affection might be stronger than his own, which he explains is making him nervous about their relationship. He’s worried that he might end up disappointing her.

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Tori’s reaction is a mix of shock and concern as she locks eyes with Jack. Sensing his uncertainty, she gives him an out, saying, “If you want to go, you should go now.” But Jack surprises her and affirms that he has serious feelings for her and doesn’t want to waste her time. Tori — who’s not one to mince words — tells him not to waste her time, as that would only annoy her.

In the end, after a moment of deliberation, they both agree to stay.

Another Couple Bites the Dust

Alright, let’s dive into Ellie and Ben’s couch confessions. The vibe in the room is tense, to say the least. Everyone’s still reeling from their public breakup at the last dinner party, so you could cut the tension with a knife.

Ellie spills the tea to the experts, and reveals that after she dropped the bombshell “leave” last week, Ben pulled a disappearing act. When they finally reunited, he hit her with a laundry list of things he didn’t like about her. Yeah, you read that right. From her makeup habits to her age and even where she lives, Ben had a lot to say. Ouch.


After the list, Ellie’s been left scratching her head, because how has Ben gone from serenading her with a love song to giving her a list of grievances? It’s enough to make anyone feel like they’re losing their mind. Expert Mel doesn’t mince words. She calls Ben’s behaviour gaslighting, and honestly, she’s right.

But here’s where it gets really juicy. As Ben’s put on the hot seat and grilled about his behaviour, he serves up a plate of vague responses that leave expert John seeing red. In the end, and in a surprise to no one, they both decide to call it quits. Let’s be real, we all saw that train wreck coming from a mile away, didn’t we?

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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