“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Experts Slam Sara’s “Aggressive” Behaviour


What a wild ride this week on “MAFS“. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling wiped out. These couples have been through the wringer with all the ups and downs at the couples retreat. But the real talk of the town? That bombshell from last night’s dinner party — Sara’s been sneaking off to meet her ex while she’s supposed to be in it with Tim.

In a nutshell: Eden came clean about Sara’s secret rendezvous with her ex, causing Eden to wrestle with guilt and anxiety all week about how to handle the situation. The truth spilled out at the dinner party when Sara was given the chance to confess by Eden and Jayden.

Tonight, it’s all about accountability. The experts are ready to grill Sara, but will she and Tim decide to stick it out or call it quits? That’s the million-dollar question we’re dying to find out.

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Sara Faces the Music

After Sara’s bombshell revelation, the experts aren’t messing around. They want answers. Sara’s claiming her ex is just a friend, but Alessandra remembers hearing Sara and her ex got cosy just a month before the experiment started. Ouch.

John doesn’t hold back either. “Friends don’t get naked and have sex, Sara,” he says.

Sara tries to justify herself, saying, “I just wanted him to know that I was doing well.” But Tim is puzzled. If that was her intention, why didn’t she bring Tim along to show him off? It’s a valid question.


Things get real when Tim opens up about how Sara’s actions hurt him.

“It was devastating to hear that. I felt really hurt, haven’t felt like Sara has wanted to be here with me. I don’t think she really likes me or values me as a person in her life.”

You can see the pain in his eyes. But Sara is quick to disregard what her hubby is saying before John calls out Sara’s behaviour like it is — “combative and aggressive”.


In the end, Tim’s trust is shattered, and he decides it’s time to bail. No surprise there. But Sara’s sticking around, determined to make things right.

“I frankly don’t care what everyone else says. I know what I want to do… so, I’m staying,” she tells the group.

Surprise, We’re All Disappointed In Jack… Again

It’s another week on “MAFS”, and as expected, Jack and Tori are once again under the experts’ scrutiny, but for all the wrong reasons. Jack finds himself at the centre of the drama yet again, especially after his insensitive comment at the retreat about the “whales” by the pool.

John lists off Jack’s laundry list of mistakes, from ex-girlfriend drama to those bizarre comments about sharing Tori with other guys. The list seems endless, and one would hope it would end there. However, while Jack tries to move forward, Tori admits that her trust in her husband has been severely shaken.


“I don’t condone this behaviour. I don’t stand for any of this,” Tori declares. “My trust in him is now in question.”

Jack chooses to stay, and although the group hopes Tori might decide differently, she also chooses to stay.

It’s just the beginning, but cracks are definitely starting to show with these two.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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