“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Eden Drops a Bombshell on Jayden: “I’m Leaving You”


Everyone got real about their relationships during Feedback Week, and now, things are heating up on “MAFS“. Honestly, drama seems to follow Tori, Jack, Sara and Tim everywhere, but tonight, the spotlight’s on a couple we all thought was rock solid.

Let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into this “MAFS” recap.

Eden Gives Jayden an Ultimatum

Things are at a standstill at Eden and Jayden’s place. After last night’s dinner Party, Eden tells Jayden about Sara and her ex talking trash about Tim behind his back. Now, Jayden’s itching to confront Sara, but Eden’s worried about stirring up more drama. She even dropped a bomb on Jayden, giving him an ultimatum: keep quiet about it, or she’s outta there. Jayden’s totally caught off guard and not sure what to do next.

So, when it comes to Sara and Tim’s time on the couch, Jayden jumps right in. He accuses Sara of only saying what sounds good to stay in the game, and claims that she’s fake because he heard that Sara dissed Tim behind his back. Sara denies it, but Jayden’s adamant because his wife told him. Eden is a little uneasy about the whole thing, and tries to backpedal, saying she doesn’t have solid proof since she wasn’t there. Jayden gets frustrated and tells her not to say anything if she doesn’t know the whole story. It gets super awkward until Lucinda and Jonathan step in, defending Sara and pointing out the progress in her relationship with Tim.

Well, Jayden’s plan totally blew up in his face. When it’s his turn to face the experts with Eden, it turns into a mess real quick. Jayden starts talking about Eden’s ultimatum, and says that essentially, Eden wanted Jayden to cover up the dirt on Sara dissing Tim.


“I’m Leaving You”

“She basically blew up at me and said, ‘If you don’t say what I tell you to say, I’m done with you and I’m leaving you’,” Jayden tells the experts. “That didn’t sit right with me because it’s basically an ultimatum… I felt like she didn’t really care about how I felt or what I wanted.”

Eden says she was feeling “scared” and “uncomfortable”, and her anxiety pushed her to ask Jayden to fib. She also makes it clear she only wanted to bail on the experiment, not their relationship. Then, Jayden gets choked up, and shares some of the struggles they’ve been hiding lately. He’s feeling the full force of Eden’s anxiety as the experiment winds down. He opens up about how Eden lost it on him over one small thing he didn’t do for her.

“When Eden has a problem with something, I make a lot of effort for her,” Jayden says.

He starts listing all the nice things he does for her, like buying flowers, preparing nice dinners, and jotting down things he that appreciates about her.


“And then, just because I wouldn’t do one thing, you blew up at me and said, ‘Why don’t you do something nice for me for once in your life?'” he adds.

“That really got to me. I don’t know if Eden is everything I thought she was.”

Eden quickly apologises for her words, admitting they weren’t nice at all. She’s clearly upset about the whole situation. Expert John chips in, saying the drama has shed light on their relationship, and their emotions prove they truly care. In the end, they both decide to stick it out.

Jack and Tori… Again

Jack and Tori take their turn on the couch, and Expert John wants to dig deeper into Jack’s feelings for Tori. Jack admits he’s been “sleeping well” next to Tori lately. Then John presses Jack about how Tori makes him feel deep down, and Jack drops an “I like her a lot”.

John isn’t satisfied with the lukewarm response.

“We’re far too along in this experiment for words like ‘good’, ‘okay’, ‘not bad’ — I need real responses from you,” he asserts.


Tori pipes up, and she’s annoyed that they’re going over the same stuff every week. John fires back and suggests that Jack’s actions hint that he’s not into Tori, which Jack denies. The couple both say that if Tori didn’t feel safe, secure, or respected, she wouldn’t stick around in the experiment with him. Surprise, they both choose to stay.

Two Couples Leave the “MAFS” Experiment


We kind of saw it coming, but it’s still a bummer to say goodbye to these two couples.

Cassandra and Tristan are the first to call it quits. Tristan admits that after pouring his heart out to Cassandra and then seeing her write “leave” last week, he’s pulled back. Cassandra explains that they’ve spent the week soul-searching, but have realised they’re better off as pals. They both choose to leave, but end their time in the experiment on a positive note, affirming how much they mean to each other.


Then there’s Andrea and Richard, who have been teetering on the edge for weeks. Richard shares that he’s been suspecting Andrea hasn’t been feeling it for a while. They agree to part ways amicably, deciding to leave the experiment behind.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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