“MAFS” 2024 Is Embracing Its Sob Story Era, and We’re Here for It


Let’s not kid ourselves we’re all here for the “MAFS” drama, right? It’s what keeps us hooked season after season, the weddings, dinner parties and the wild matchups, it’s our guilty pleasure. Yet, something feels different this time around. Could it be that “MAFS” 2024 has entered its era of sob stories?

From the early days of reality TV, sob stories have been a staple, weaving narratives of triumph and tragedy into the fabric of entertainment. But as “MAFS” takes centre stage once again, these personal tales seem more prominent than ever before, marking a shift in the landscape of reality television.

Last week’s episode wasn’t just about fancy weddings and awkward vows; it was a gateway into the deepest corners of our contestants’ lives. As I watched this year’s couples take the plunge into matrimony with strangers, I found that we were getting more than we bargained for. The tears flowed, the stories unfolded, and suddenly, I found that I was more invested than ever.

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The History of Reality TV and Sob Stories

Sob stories have been a long-standing fixture in reality TV, typically reserved for talent shows like “Australian Idol” or “The Voice”. However, in recent years, they’ve crept into other genres, including social experiment shows like “Survivor” and, you guessed it, “MAFS”. This shift has evoked a range of responses from viewers. While some appreciate the added depth and authenticity it brings to contestants, others question its sincerity, labelling it as contrived or manipulative.

Nevertheless, sob stories have undeniably become a hallmark of the ever-evolving reality TV landscape. Which brings us to this season of “MAFS”.

“MAFS” 2024: Sob Story Edition

On the very first episode of “MAFS” 2024, we were introduced to Cassandra. I’ll be real Cassandra’s story hit me like a ton of bricks. She’s on the hunt for love, but her heart still aches from losing her high school sweetheart in a tragic accident.

“We were together for eight years,” she shared, her voice carrying the weight of those years. “And then, one day, he was gone.”

And if that didn’t tug at your heartstrings enough, she dropped the bombshell – she also lost her mother to cancer in 2020. “Mum had this big light,” she said. “I know that she is definitely with me today.”

I couldn’t help but wonder, how is she standing here, ready to marry a stranger?

Timothy Lost His Entire Family

But then, enter Timothy in episode two a guy who’s been through the wringer. He’s lost his entire family, leaving him as the sole survivor. Timothy was standing at the altar just six weeks after burying his father, and sharing his pain with the world. Through his vows, Timothy commemorated his entire family, and I felt a lump rising in my throat.

“Unfortunately, Mum, who was my best friend, passed away 17 years ago along with my little brother,” he shared.

A 51-year-old man, crying on national TV, sharing his pain and loss – “MAFS”, you’ve never hit me this hard.

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Natalie Lost Her Father Just Weeks Before “MAFS”

As if the tears weren’t flowing enough, Natalie was introduced in episode three, and she also lost her dad just six weeks before joining the show. Like, what are the odds? Her story hit home – finding love took a backseat while Natalie was caring for her sick father.

“Life is short,” she declared, “I’ve got so much more love to give.”

And just like that, “MAFS” turned into a heartfelt journey.

There’s Some Comfort in “MAFS” 2024

Now, “MAFS” isn’t exactly known for its subtlety it’s all about the drama, right? But this season, there’s a shift happening. Sure, the drama’s still there, but so is something deeper a genuine search for love. Cassandra, Timothy, and Natalie aren’t just playing a part; they’re sharing their truth. It’s refreshing, it’s real, and it’s making me believe in love all over again.

Now, I know there are definitely some contestants in there for all the wrong reasons. Yes, I’m looking at you, Jack. But sometimes, in the midst of our own battles, it’s comforting to see others facing their demons on a big stage.

Let’s be clear reality TV won’t solve our problems. But there’s something comforting about seeing others navigate grief and loss on a public platform. For those of us sitting at home, still reeling from our own losses, it’s a reminder that we’re not alone. “MAFS” might just be the unexpected therapy session we didn’t know we needed. Who would’ve thought.

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“MAFS” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday  Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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