MAFS’ Alyssa and Duncan at Breaking Point Following a Homestay Visit Bombshell

MAFS' Alyssa and Duncan at Breaking Point Following a Homestay Visit Bombshell
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Things are going downhill between “Married At First Sight“‘s Alyssa and Duncan, fast. It’s already been a tumultuous couple of weeks for the pair, who have struggled to work out how their relationship will look outside the experiment. 

From Duncan breaking down in tears following a disagreement with Alyssa after the Partner Swap Challenge, to Alyssa’s hasty response at the final commitment ceremony. It’s been rough. 

And things got a whole more awkward during their Homestay visits. 

While catching up with Alyssa’s mother’s group, she revealed to Duncan that due to her child, they would have limited opportunities to see each other outside of the “MAFS” experiment. We’re talking about a Wednesday and “every other weekend” type of situation. This news caught Duncan off guard. He worried that they would only have a part-time relationship, given the limited time Alyssa could afford for him outside of the experiment. 

To reflect on their relationship and the end of their Homestays, Duncan surprised Alyssa with a date on a boat in Sydney harbour.

Duncan Expresses His Concerns to Alyssa

Worried about upsetting his ‘wife’, Duncan finally mustered the courage to express his concerns about their relationship. He also wanted to know why Alyssa had waited until the end of the experiment to inform him about their limited time together. He felt that their communication should have been better.

“Having Alyssa say that she knew how much time she could give someone at the start but didn’t want to talk about it,” Duncan told cameras. 

“Why tell your partner, on an experiment, at the very very end, that you can see them three, maybe four times a fortnight? A lot of people would say that’s a part-time relationship.” 

When asked why Alyssa didn’t bring this up earlier, she instantly rebutted why Duncan didn’t. 

“All my questions are coming from a place of understanding each others’ mindsets better. What our interpretation of what a good relationship looks like,” Duncan said. 

Unaware of why Duncan held these concerns, Alyssa questioned whether Duncan thought their relationship was “unhealthy”. 

“God, I don’t know,” Duncan replied. 

Alyssa Was Left Questioning Their Whole Relationship

This confused Alyssa, who believed they had a good relationship despite the ups and downs. She was devastated as she had planned to confess that she was falling in love with him. 

“I was prepared to talk about the future. And I was ready to be like ‘Duncan, I’m falling for you… I can’t wait to see life with you’,” she told producers.

“We haven’t been perfect, we’ve had some really tough times over the last couple of weeks. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t enjoyed them. This is probably the healthiest relationship I’ve been in.” 

To everyone’s surprise, Alyssa decided to remove herself from the situation and sit on the opposite side of the boat. Talk about awkward.

“I’m more confused than I was at the start of the day. I’ve got a lot to think about with final vows coming up soon… it’s tough, it’s really tough,” Duncan admitted. 

“Married At First Sight” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday — Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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