MAFS 2023: Tensions Boil Over Between Bronte and Melinda at Retreat Week

MAFS 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Bronte and Melinda’s Feud
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After an intense past few weeks, the “MAFS” couples escaped the city and headed to the Southern Highlands of NSW. It was finally Retreat Week on “Married At First Sight”, where all the participants live together for four days. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

A lot, by the looks of it.

It all started on the first night of the retreat when Evelyn and Harrison butted heads over the legitimacy of the pocket dial incident.

The Girls Confront Bronte About Harrison’s Behaviour

Bronte was confronted by the girls as to whether she shares Harrison’s views after she unapologetically told them that she “has his back no matter what”.

“Oh my gosh, what has happened? Harrison’s played it so well that Bronte’s actually starting to think like him. It’s hard to watch,” a shocked Melinda told producers.

The other girls questioned if Bronte was losing herself to Harrison. The discussion got heated as they accused her of being “emotionally manipulated”.

“I think you’re molding a bit,” Melinda bluntly told Bronte, while Claire added, “You’re losing yourself.”

“I know emotional manipulation when I see it and I feel like that’s what Harrison is doing to you,” Claire continued.

MAFS 2023: Everything You Need to Know About Bronte and Melinda’s Feud
Channel 9

Bronte strongly disagreed with the girls’ perspective and concluded that they were simply jealous of her relationship.

“Not once has Harrison tried to manipulate me. Harrison doesn’t control me,” she told cameras. “I am a grown-ass woman and I do have my own opinion. The reason why people try to tear down the relationship with Harrison is ‘cause they’re jealous.”

But it was Melinda calling her naive that struck a cord for Bronte. The bride had had enough and stormed off in tears.

“What the f**k. To call me naive, that’s basically calling me dumb and that my relationship with Harrison isn’t real. That really hurts,” Bronte admitted to producers. “I felt attacked. I have never had to sit there and have people nitpick my relationship when I’ve come this far.”

Bronte Confronts Melinda During Girls’ Night

The following night, the husbands and wives took time to unwind separately. However, tensions continued to brew among the girls, and Bronte finally confronted Melinda about the “naive” comment.

“Melinda, I have come so far and I’ve fought so hard for my relationship. To be called naive was offensive,” she told Melinda.

Melinda tried to express her concerns about Harrison, but Bronte stood firm in her belief that she and Harrison were in a good place.

“I’m happy to apologise if I upset you… but I also want to make sure that we’re not apologizing for the way we felt,” Melinda responded.

“I don’t want to take that back because I do genuinely feel or think the way that we all did last night. We’re all really concerned about Harrison,” Melinda explained.

Despite Melinda’s attempts to help, Bronte did not wish to continue the conversation.

Melinda Overhears Harrison Calling Her Relationship “Toxic”

The drama heated up as Melinda and Evelyn eavesdropped on the boys’ night and overheard Harrison explaining that he believed Melinda and Layton’s relationship was toxic and fake.

“From what I see, some of the behaviour you’ve described to me from Melinda fits the bill of a toxic relationship,” Harrison told Layton. “It just seems really fake where you are losing your identity, where you are disconnected.”

Melinda was quick to label Harrison’s meddling as “offensive” and promptly retreated to the girls to give them a rundown on what had been said. 

Melinda wanted to see if Bronte shared the same views as her ‘husband’. Frustrated and confused by the situation, Bronte expressed her feelings to the producers, saying, “I don’t understand why I’m constantly made to feel like my thoughts are aligned with Harrison’s. It’s just not something I can wrap my head around.”

Tensions Explode on the Final Night of the Retreat

On the last night of the retreat, the couples had their final opportunity to interact as a group before returning to their respective apartments in Sydney.

Melinda was still fuming over Bronte and Harrison’s attempts to cause problems in her relationship with Layton. Fortunately, Layton had her back and confronted Harrison about whether he had spoken to Bronte about their relationship not being in a good place. 

“Are you saying something behind my back?” he asked Harrison. But his question was met with an awkward silence before Harrison said, “I genuinely don’t remember.”

Melinda then confronted Harrison and accused him of creating issues in her relationship. She also went on to suggest that both Bronte and Harrison were in a fake relationship themselves, causing a stir among the entire group who were watching on.

Following a series of exchanges between the couples, Melinda finally reached her limit. 

“You’re a manipulator. Stay away from our relationship because I’m over it, Harrison,” she snapped. Harrison, on the other hand, attributed the situation to “miscommunication” and attempted to talk his way out of it.

Mafs' Bronte and Harrison
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Bronte decided to address the issue head-on by asking the group for their thoughts on her and Harrison’s relationship. She hoped that the group would provide her with the support she needed, but soon discovered that Melinda was not the only one who had doubts. 

The situation eventually ended with Bronte and Harrison walking away from the group, feeling defeated. The experience left a sour taste in Bronte’s mouth, and she admitted, “I feel like what the girls said to me planted a seed.”

“Married At First Sight” airs Sunday at 7.00pm and Monday — Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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