We’ve Got Another One! MAFS Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos Have Also Called It Quits

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Just hours after the (not so) shocking reveal that chaos couple Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lomie had broken up, Daniel Holmes and Carolina Santos have also apparently called it a day.

In the bizarre announcement shared via a text post to Holmes’ Instagram, the 2022 MAFS star said that “it’s been obvious for a while we have gone our separate ways”.

Holmes suggested that recent speculation about their relationship status forced his hand in coming clean about the split, saying:

“I’m getting bombarded so much atm considering all the articles out rn about the status of Carolina and I.

“There’s a huge pressure to just hold off going public for as long as possible cause you know all the hate that’s gonna come,” he said.

The news is somewhat confusing, given that Holmes’ third most recent Instagram post, made just two weeks ago, shows him and Santos engaged in some weird shadowboxing training… thing? Anyway, he called her “babe” in that post, which makes it less than “obvious” that the pair are no longer an item.

Santos herself has yet to comment on the split, however she has posted a number of recent bikini pics on her socials, one with the caption “Smile and no one will see how broken you are inside” which we guess does make it a little bit clearer. In another, she walks away from the camera (metaphorically??), with the caption “Hope you are feeling happy, safe, and strong.”

According to Holmes’ Insta stories, he has been hanging out with fellow contestant Jackson Lomie who also announced his split from MAFS partner Olivia Frazer in a joint online post. Perhaps they wanted to drop the bombshells together?

The couple were involved in one of the spicier scandals of the recent season, given that Santos began hooking up with Holmes while still technically ‘married’ to her on-screen husband Dion Giannarelli. The pair seemed to purposefully frame themselves as “the baddies” for the season, which didn’t play well with viewers.

Although they’ve gone their separate ways, the breakup seems at least somewhat amicable as Holmes had a sweet parting message for his new ex.

“I wish Carolina all the best and I know she feels the same for me, we had a very unique experience together full of every emotion possible by life just had a different plan for us,” he wrote in the post.

Holmes yesterday announced that he had become the latest of the MAFS contestants to join OnlyFans, and, whatever makes him happy, we guess! As for Santos, it’s unclear exactly what those future plans involve but we’re sure she won’t be out of the spotlight for long.

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