Despite Olivia’s Behaviour on MAFS, Jackson Lonie Chose to Stay in Tonight’s Final Vows

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After weeks of intense drama, Married At First Sight has finally come to an end. While it’s been a complete roller coaster ride from start to finish, the most heart-stopping moment came when Jackson was reading his vows.

Jackson Lonie was paired with Olivia Frazer on the show, and for the most part, their relationship was successful. The two got along well and their connection seemed genuine. The couple quickly cemented themselves as fan favourites, until Olivia began showing her true colours.

After circulating a nude photo of Domenica among the cast and constantly telling her that her voice is too loud, viewers turned on the aspiring teacher and let’s just say … things got messy.

She admitted to holding grudges, being petty and having no empathy. But what surprised people the most was that her husband Jackson stood by her side throughout it all. 

But things took a turn when the groom started envisioning the future and it started to become increasingly obvious that Olivia’s tendencies to hold grudges may have a negative effect on his relationships with friends and family. 

In tonight’s episode, Olivia was seen feeling lost, as she didn’t know what the outcome of the Final Vows would be. Despite loving him, she felt that she may have blown her chances due to her actions.

And for the first time, she wasn’t entirely wrong. Jackson consulted with his family and asked for advice as to what he should do because her behaviour had been weighing on him. 

But while everyone around the country was collectively yelling at him to run away, Jackson surprised everyone — because he chose to stay.

“Liv I came into this experience, hoping to find someone to spend the rest of my life with. When I turned around and saw your beautiful smile, I definitely felt like we had an instant connection,” Jackson said. “Since then, we had gone through so much together, both completely out of our comfort zones. But at the same time, dedicated to completely give this our all and to have each other’s back. But through all the good times we shared, there have been some moments that really made me think about us moving forward.”

It was at this moment everyone watching thought he was about to dump her, but despite the build-up, Jackson chose to go the other way.

“The way you have at times responded to challenges of the experiment, and some of the snide comments you have made along the way don’t sit well with me.

“I need to be brutally honest with you, seeing you under pressure in this experiment has not always brought out the best in you and it leaves me worried that your tendencies to hold grudges might one day end up with you holding a grudge against one of my friends.

“I don’t ever want to be in a situation where I have to choose between you and a friend. But despite all this, and that we won’t always see eye to eye, I’m so grateful that I met you,” he said.

In saying that, while Jackson chose to stay, he did admit to not being at the “I love you” stage just yet after Olivia confessed to being in love with him. 

“I’m so excited to see what the rest of our lives have in store for us,” he concluded.

From what we know, Olivia and Jackson are still going strong, so maybe she’s on the path of self-improvement. 

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