MAFS’ Jackson Lonie Says “Poor Olivia” Is a Victim of Bad Editing

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Olivia Frazer has quickly cemented herself as one of the most talked-about “villains” of Married At First Sight. After circulating a nude photo of fellow participant Domenica among the cast and just displaying all-around bad behaviour, the reality TV star has shown zero remorse for her actions. 

But now, her husband on the show, Jackson Lonie, has come forward and claimed that the aspiring teacher has fallen victim to a bad edit. Viewers have been surprised to see just how much Jackson is willing to handle when it comes to Olivia, with many questioning why he hasn’t left yet.

Things started to get messy for Olivia after she claimed to have found an explicit photo of Domenica on Google — a spurious announcement since Domenica posted the image to her OnlyFans account, and content on there cannot be found through a search engine. The MAFS bride then chose to show the picture to her fellow participants, and because of this, viewers have demanded there be repercussions

It’s currently one of the most discussed scandals on television, with big names such as Abbie Chatfield weighing in, describing Olivia’s behaviour as “manipulative”.

“Olivia is saying, ‘There’s no shame in it.’ What you’ve done, you’ve googled her — and you said it was your friend. You lied. You googled her,” Abbie said on her radio show, Hot Nights With Abbie. “How come you didn’t send a photo of Domenica, I don’t know, working at a juice bar? Did you find her LinkedIn and go, ‘Oh look, she was a personal assistant.’ No, because you don’t see shame in that. You see shame in OnlyFans, and you see shame in naked bodies, and you are choosing this very manipulative and very disgusting way to try and subtly shame her because you think —and unfortunately, you were right — the whole group would turn against her after seeing this.

“And unfortunately, the pathetic, spineless people at this table all don’t like Domenica and want her to be a villain.”

But like a true partner in crime, Jackson is standing up for his wife and saying what you see on-screen is completely different to what happened in real life.

“To be perfectly honest, I’m watching this show and it’s like I didn’t live it. It’s been fairly flipped around a lot,” he told Now To Love. “It’s kind of like they wanted to set this up from the start so poor Liv gets a reaming from everybody.”

We may never find out the truth, but we do know that Olivia and Jackson have a long road ahead of them.

Married At First Sight airs at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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