How “MAFS” Forced Olivia Frazer Into a Career She “Had No Interest In”

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Olivia Frazer has had some big life changes ever since appearing on “Married At First Sight” in 2022. Her life took an unexpected turn. Soon, the once-aspiring teacher became a content creator on OnlyFans, a subscription-based adult platform. As a result, she’s had to embrace social media as a part of her daily routine.

“It changed my career. I went from wanting to become a teacher to now doing OnlyFans. And those are two of the things that I wasn’t really that interested in. Well, I was pretty interested in OnlyFans, but I couldn’t do that doing teaching,” she tells POPSUGAR Australia.

“Social media and things like that, I could not be less interested in,” she says, “and now it’s like, ‘oh, this is a large part of my day every day’.”

But while she may not be interested in it, her new career continues to flourish.

“I have not done that many Instagram adverts, I am just living off my OnlyFans right now,” Olivia adds.

But she does believe that her storyline on “MAFS” helped her success on the adult subscription-based platform.

“Not only did I have a following, but I also had the controversy of my storyline on “MAFS”,” she says.

“It wasn’t just like I decided to start OnlyFans and I had to build it up and work really hard at it. I totally cheated the system…  I am very aware of that. And I know I’m very lucky for it.”

Joining OnlyFans Was a Bittersweet Moment for Olivia

Olivia also opened up about the bittersweet moment she decided to launch her account in a moment of curiosity. She says that originally, she had no intention of posting anything, but after discussing the possibility of sharing some of her old lingerie photos, Jackson encouraged her to go for it.

“And I made 30 grand the first night that I launched it… It was the same night Jackson cheated on me,” she says.

“We’re at dinner with his friends and family and I’m watching about $30,000 just roll in and I went home ’cause I was just so overwhelmed with that, and like tired,” Olivia recalls.

The unexpected success of her OnlyFans account soon became a silver lining on an otherwise painful night. 

“Jackson stayed out partying and cheated on me. It sort of felt like a bit of a f**k you,” she says.

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