“You Had Me”: MAFS Olivia Frazer Puts Break-Up Rumours to Bed


For two people no longer dating, “Married at First Sight” exes Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer sure do love to spend time together rehashing the past. 

Speaking about her decision to go on the show, the controversial bride told Lonie she doesn’t regret her decision because “I got you”, to which Lonie replied, “you had me”. 

Facing bullying allegations and even a police investigation throughout their season relating to Frazer’s feud with Domenica Calarco, the former teaching student was labelled the most hated woman to ever take part in the romantic experiment. 

“After the show, obviously, things weren’t that great… The ‘MAFS’ publicist was like, ‘this is an unprecedented amount of backlash’,” Frazer told Lonie, adding that she’s suffered from depression, anxiety and agoraphobia since the show aired.   

The pair got together for an outdoors stroll around Terrigal in Lonie’s latest reality venture, the Youtube series “Chats with Jackson and Friends”, with the plumber describing his ex as “arguably noted as one of the biggest villains on all reality TV series”. 

While the worst of the backlash and abuse is now past, Frazer said it still “rears its ugly head every time a certain other person talks about me,” referring to Calarco. 

Discussing their breakup, both Frazer and Lonie noted their desire to stay in each other’s lives.

“People can’t understand that two people can just grow apart,” Lonie said, adding, “And I think people gotta understand that what we’ve been through together is like, it’s pretty hectic and it’s things that a lot of people in this world won’t go through, so we’ve got that experience together. You see pretty much everyone else on the show that don’t talk to their partners now, I think that would suck.”

Frazer agreed, saying, “Even beyond the show, like we had a very deep relationship. So to lose that is just not something I’m willing to do.”

Frazer also shared more information about her new mystery boyfriend, revealing to Lonie that he’s a 28-year-old Brit and has no issue with her being mates with her ex. 

“He’s fine. He’s younger than us so he’s chill as f**k.” 

While Lonie is also said to have moved on and is dating “Bachelor” star Jacinta Lal, the one-time TV groom didn’t discuss his love life with his ex-bride.   

As for her next moves, Frazer said that she’s recently invested in property and plans to do more OnlyFans work, and is looking to move to the UK in the new year. She’s also planning a future that is “hopefully married, babies,” but says “career-wise, teaching is very much off the table”. 

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