“MAFS” 2024 Recap: Sara and Tim’s Marriage Crumbles With Four Simple Words


A wedding straight out of a Disney movie and a disaster just waiting to happen. Yep, welcome to Season 11 of “MAFS“, where anything can happen. It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, and the premiere sure doesn’t disappoint with a mixed bag of drama, tears, and excitement. Below, find our very own “MAFS” recap.

So, the gang’s all here, shaking things up at bachelor and bachelorette parties. It’s like the calm before the storm, the prelude to chaos, the appetiser before the emotional rollercoaster that is “MAFS”. You know, the usual.

Now, these recaps aren’t your run-of-the-mill, play-by-play breakdown. No, you can literally just watch the entire episode if wanted that. We’re here to serve you the top-shelf moments, the kind that makes you go, “Did they really just say/do that?” Yeah, those.

Disclaimer: before the season truly kicks off, which word do we think will be overused this season? Will “gaslighting” make a triumphant return? We really hope not.

OK, now let’s dive into the juicy moments.

The season premiere had it all — one couple straight out of a Disney fairytale and another that could give Shakespeare’s tragedies a run for their money. We watched Sydney nutritionist Sara wed Tim, the Gold Coast online business owner. The second bride is Cassandra, a 30-year-old “sweetheart”, who was matched with Tristan, an energetic entertainment manager. But it’s Sara and Tim who have us talking.

Tim Drops a Bomb on Sara

We’re introduced to Sara and Tim first. Sara was in a “toxic” past relationship with an ex who, she admitted, cheated on her “multiple times with multiple women”. Then, we meet Tim, who navigated a long-term relationship with a partner he describes a a “naughty girl” who engaged in some unfaithful escapades.

We’ve got two contestants with a relationship history of being cheated on, and the experts are tossing around phrases like “lightning in a bottle” and “best match of the entire series”. All we’re seeing here is a recipe for disaster and commitment issues, TBH.

Anyway. Their wedding kicks off like a fairytale smiles, Spanish greetings, and just a dash of romance. But, hang on, this ain’t your typical Cinderella story. When Sara asks Tim about his last relationship at the wedding reception, things begin to spiral.

Tim drops the bomb that he’s fresh out of a breakup just six months before the experiment. Talk about timing, Tim!

“It Ended About Six Months Ago”

mafs 2024 sara and tim

“We were together for six years, I was gonna propose to her this year,” he spills. “… It ended about six months ago.” Cue the collective gasp.

Sara’s concerns are valid, and Tim’s plea for her help raises eyebrows. Like, did you actually just insinuate that Sara needs to help you get over your ex?

“That was like a slap in the face,” Sara tells the cameras. Understandably, it leaves her feeling uneasy about their future.

“I’ve had past experiences that I haven’t been over my ex,” she adds. “I continuously just compared all the people I dated to my ex. You just can’t know someone’s genuine feelings.”

The Worst Best Man Speech of all Time?

We witness what they’re calling “the worst best man speech of all time,” and it’s a fair title to give. Tim’s best man, Ben, goes on a journey down memory lane, revealing all of Tim’s questionable “experiments”. Let’s just say it: some things should be kept between best friends. Things like Sara’s new hubby getting “road head” and then “head” in the emergency room — both of which feature in Ben’s speech.

And then there’s some bizarre food choices. “Rancid, four-day-old chicken” at a music festival? Red flags, Tim, red flags.

mafs sara tim wedding best man

Ben wraps up the speech with a bang: “Sara, you can find solace in the fact… rancid or not, Tim will still eat you.” Cue the cringe-worthy silence and horrified faces of the wedding guests.

Sara’s friend Lauren sums it up best. “This speech is an absolute train wreck,” she says. “That is a red flag if I’ve ever seen it. Ben’s speech was really derogatory; I thought it was really disgusting.”

The Words You Should Never Say to Your Partner

Let’s get real here. The only person who can pull off the “You need to calm down” card is Taylor Swift.

Now, let’s fast-forward to Sara and Tim’s Fijian honeymoon, where things seem to be on the upswing. But, surprise! In the blink of an eye, we find ourselves in the relationship danger zone.

Tim decides to drop the bomb of all relationship bombs: “You need to relax.” Ah, the four words that magically calm precisely no one.

The scene looks promising tequila shots, dinner vibes, and then, the plot twist. Tim, mid-sentence, halts his thoughts. Sara urges him to spill the beans. With a hint of hesitation, he confesses, “I was gonna say, ‘You need to relax’.”

“Have You Ever Dealt With Women Before?”

mafs sara tim honeymoon

“To tell me to relax when I’m clearly not freaking out? You know that would tick me off,” Sara retorts. “Have you ever dealt with women before? They don’t like to be told to relax.”

Tim then denies ever actually telling her to relax. Cue the fireworks, folks! The pair go back and forth before Sara storms off, leaving us perched on the edge of our seats. Will they be able to turn this around and give us a “MAFS” fairy godmother success, or will it be a pumpkin-at-midnight disaster?

So, here we stand, witnessing the emergence of “MAFS” 2024, where love is pushed to its limits, where weddings become the calm before the storm, and where dropping the “relax” bomb on your spouse becomes the ultimate relationship landmine.

Will Sara and Tim waltz their way back into each other’s hearts, or does this mark the beginning of a love story transformed into a cautionary tale? Buckle up, “MAFS” fans, because this is just the first episode, and we’re in for a wild ride of emotions, drama, and of course, unexpected wedding day charm.

“MAFS” continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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