All the Wild Things That Happened During The Third MAFS Dinner Party

If you feel like this season of Married at First Sight is flying by then you would absolutely be correct, because alas, we have already arrived at dinner party number three.

With three new couples entering the experiment this week (Liam Cooper and Georgia Fairweather, Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente and surprise couple Jaimie Gardner and Chris Jensen) we were expecting fireworks and boy did we get them.

With secret girlfriends, James and Jo and six new brides and grooms to contend with, here are all the wild things that happened during the third MAFS dinner party of 2021.

Belinda and Patrick Have a Secret Love-Language

Belinda and Patrick are truly the cutest thing to come out of this franchise since Cam and Jules’ baby, Oliver Merchant.

And while Patrick’s duck voice was incredibly sweet, we could have done without this:


This however:


James and Jo Need to Break-Up Immediately

After Kerry and Johnny got married, James and Jo decided to give their relationship one last chance, however, on the morning of the dinner party, it was discovered by Jo that James had been missing for over 24 hours. In fact, Jo was even told by the producers that James didn’t even come back to the apartments the evening before.

“He doesn’t care. He’s just checked out,” she said, before calling the entire thing “bullsh-t”.

“His words are just a load of rubbish.”

There’s a Rumour That Bryce Has a Girlfriend on the Outside

According to Jason and Booka, Bryce is actually in a relationship with another woman that is not his wife Melissa.

Of course, all of the couples are talking about it before the dinner party and Brett sums it up perfectly: “Juicy”. Juicy indeed.

Jason takes Bryce aside and talks to him about it, and Bryce is absolutely shocked. Whether he’s faking it, we’re not sure, but he convincingly reacts like he has no idea what his fake TV friend is talking about.

“I’m so shocked!’

“Where has this come from,” Bryce asks. “It legit pisses me off that much because it’s not true. I must have some big target on my head,” he adds.

Bryce then says it must be “one of the girls”, wanting to cause drama and cool…blame the girls.

“I’ve been really avid on being genuine this whole experiment,” he says and sure, Jan.

Bryce then finishes the conversation with Jason the best way he knows how. “I hope she’s got blonde hair and blue eyes…”.

“Who?” Jason asks.

“My secret girlfriend. Because that’s my type.” Ugh.

An “Elusive” James Returns to Pick Jo Up for the Dinner Party

Back to our earlier point. James and Jo need to break up yesterday.

“Do you think I’m being shady do you?” James asks Jo. “You can believe what you like.”

“Bullsh—ers always get caught out in the end,” Jo says. “Always.”

Bryce Tells Melissa About His Supposed Secret Girlfriend

“This is just next level,” Melissa says. “I don’t believe there’s truth to these rumours at all.”

Both Bryce and Melissa have had enough of the drama, but even this early on, we know there’s a whole lot more to come.

The New Couples Are Still In the Honeymoon Phase

Oh, blessed be the innocent.

At the Dinner Party, Bryce Is NOT Happy

Luckily he has “Liss, the best bride here.”

The experts note that Melissa is always in her groom’s corner and they’re not wrong.

Alana takes Melissa aside and she accuses Jo of spreading the story. Spoiler Alert: It was not Jo. It was Bec and Bryce thinks she’s doing it to sleep with him….ahem.

Liam and Georgia and Kerry and Johnny Enter to Stunning Orchestral Music and It Is Glorious

Love this for them. And for the experts, who watch on like proud parents.

“Look at us being matchmakers!”

Bec Confronts Bryce and Is Interrupted by the Third Couple — Jaimie and Chris

Bec asks Bryce to own up to the rumour, however, Bryce denies it. Thankfully, Jaimie and Chris enter the room and the attention is given where it deserves.

“Nice to have some hotties amongst us,” Booka says. “I’m going to look at them heaps.”

So will we, Booka. So, will we.

Melissa Is Embarrassed to Be With Bryce That The Drama Is Once Again Centered On Her and Bryce

While the new couples are oblivious, all of the other couples are still banging on about Bryce and his secret girlfriend — and Melissa is not pleased.

In Case We Haven’t Been Listening for the Past Five Hours, Beck Says What She Knows — “Fact By Fact”

“We were at the gym and were having a conversation where Bryce said that ‘Liss will be easy to get to the end with, that there is a girl on the outside.

“His mate was in Sydney and asked if he wanted him to get her a gift. He said ‘no’, he didn’t want to get caught doing anything like that.”

Bryce, of course very angry and very red is getting more frustrated. Trying to intimidate Bec, she sticks up for herself and says: “You’re not an avocado, not everyone loves you” and man, we love this show.

The Dinner Party Finally Begins and The Old Couples Are STILL Talking About It

It’s been 84 years….

Belinda Is Surprised That the New Couples Like Each Other

Well, from what we’ve seen from the others… liking each other even remotely during this experiment is classified as a win.

Bryce Needs to Make Like Frozen and Let It Go

“They’re just jealous,” he says.

Bryce and Beck Go Head-to-Head… Again

Beck and Bryce continue to talk about his alleged ex-girlfriend and Bryce calls himself the “most honest person in the experiment” and honestly, this thing is so exhausting.

Bryce then attacks Patrick, who tells him to “pipe down” before Jake sticks up for his wife and calls Bryce out for the way he is talking. “It sounds abusive”, he says. By this point, Melissa is on the defence with Bryce once again and is absolutely “done with it”.

Bec Finally Realises That Jake Is a Good Person

Week three, you guys. We did it.

James and Jo Blow Up At Each Other In Front of the Others and Then Belinda Gets Involved

Firstly, this dinner party is never-ending.

Secondly, Belinda calls James “controlling” which prompts her to then call out James for asking if “she was a virgin” and if she is “frigid”.

“That word is very offensive and insulting to me,” Belinda says defending herself.

“Think of your own relationship,” she says.

Patrick stands up for his wife and demands he apologise and it’s so wonderful to see these people stick up for bad behaviour.

All Hail King Patrick and Queen Belinda!

Liam Says He Falls for “Someone’s Personality”

And this. Just this.

Jo Goes Head-to-Head With Her Own Husband

Jo says she hasn’t “had a voice” and says that James “twists” her words.

“You sit at the top of the table acting like you’re King D-ck! You’re a liar. You’re a controlling freak and you make yourself look good in front of everybody,” she tells him. “You sit there with a smug face. You’ve treated me like sh-t. You haven’t cared.”

Awkward. Please see our points above about this couple.

James Flirts With Kerry and Announces He Is Single In Front of the Entire Table Including Jo

James flirts with Kerry in front of everyone and the experts are having precisely none of it.

“He’s showing absolutely no regard for Jo right now,” expert Mel Schilling says.

“I’m single by the way,” James says before cackling like a Hyena from The Lion King.

Jo has given up on this nonsense (and so have we) and is “not going to sit back and cop it.”

Finally the dinner party ends… until next week.

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