All The Wild Things That Happened During the Fourth Married At First Sight Dinner Party

Georgia MAFS

There’s only one way to sum up the fourth Married at First Sight dinner party and it’s like this: in the red corner we have Rebecca Zemeck versus Bryce Ruthven and in the blue corner, Booka Nile versus Patrick Dwyer followed by Brett Helling.

That’s it. That’s the summary.

With a ton of brides and grooms at each other’s throats, here are all the wild things that happened during the fourth MAFS dinner party of 2021.

Booka and Brett slept in different rooms

Firstly, whoever gave Brett such a teeny, tiny bed has no soul. Secondly, there’s nothing more awkward than the morning after a huge fight and one party has to sheepishly grovel at the other parties feet — even when they’ve essentially done nothing wrong.

While the other couples have grown stronger after an “intense feedback week”, Brett and Booka… have not. In fact, Booka is delivering such a cool breeze in her husband’s direction, that we think his moustache might just freeze off.

“That letter highlighted that I’m an ugly human being,” Booka says and while Brett tries to tell her his side, she basically yells: “You don’t even go here!” and won’t have a bar of it.

“All I want to know is that if there’s any way that we can salvage this relationship,” Brett asks.

“That depends on you, Brett. That actually depends on you.”

And sorry, but we’ve completely forgotten who is in the wrong here…

Basically, we have no idea whose side to be on and we just want to reach in and pull Brett — and his moustache — out of the situation.

The new couples underwent “serious preparations” for the dinner party

Mafs Johnny

And Liam had to help Georgia choose earrings…

It went well.

Liam and MAFS

We had to sit through a recap of last week’s dinner party

Beck vs Bryce. Ugh. Eye roll.

Melissa Tells Bryce There Will Be No Drama

“There’s nothing to be nervous about tonight,” Melissa tells Bryce, who is adamant that he can keep his cool.


Melissa MAFS

However, we found out that Belinda and Patrick saw each other fully naked for the first time…

Even though Belinda and Patrick saw each other naked for the first time, Patrick “doesn’t kiss and tell” and was more worried about Booka’s wrath than everybody talking about it.

“The worst case scenario for tonight is that Booka comes at me and Brett is pissed off at me,” Patrick says. “Brett’s my best mate here and I don’t want any confrontation with him at all.”

“Who knows, she might end up saying thank you to us later on tonight,” he added. Spoiler alert. She did not.

Because anyone who puts their hair in a high-ponytail means business….

“He’s going to have to paint himself as an a–hole or Brett as an a–hole,” she says. Cool cool.

The experts were naively excited for the dinner party

After feedback week, the experts are excited to see the outcome…because apparently they worship chaos.

“My big hope here is that they haven’t taken it too personally,” John Aiken says. Wishin’ and hopin’ are all you have, John.

Jason and Alana were absolutely thrilled for Patrick and Belinda

As anyone would, both Jason and Alana were quick to get the hot goss from Patrick and Belinda, discovering (for the rest of us) that the two got “handsy”.

Of course, Jason and Alana praised themselves for giving the couple the task of drawing each other nude and ultimately getting them to second base.

“Maybe that’s why they came in looking so vibrant this week,” Alessandra Rampolla notes. And she’s not wrong.

The mood of the pre-drinks was brilliant until Beck came in and started going on (and on) about Bryce

To be honest, we’re really over this dynamic. We were seriously loving watching the girls have a beautiful time until Beck started banging on about Bryce. Again.

“Sounds like this ‘artificial’ comment was really an issue for Rebecca,” John says and no duh, John!

Beck confronts Bryce and Melissa in a friendly way

There’s nothing worse than someone confronting you in a passive aggressive way and the way Beck spoke to both Bryce and Melissa is the definition of “passo agresso”.

In fact, Bryce was so uncomfortable that he went really red…and we sort of love to see it.

Credit where credit is due though — Bryce remains calm as he promised, however, as there are no winners in this situation, Beck calls him “artificial”.

Booka and Brett enter looking extremely “uncomfortable”

When Booka and Brett enter the dinner party, they look like our parents who have just had an argument in the car and are casually seething while entering a social setting.

Patrick then tries to talk to Brett, but he tells him “later”, which is the time equivalent of “I’m disappointed”.

And even though Booka is adamant that the “world doesn’t revolve around her”, this whole dinner party is about to and we’re buckling in for the ride.

“I’m going to address these things head on, because it’s total bulls–t,” she says.

Luckily for her, the producers have sat her next to both Brett AND Patrick so this should be good.

Booka doesn’t even say anything and Patrick is a mess

Poor Patrick is so nervous that he continuously knocks over wine glasses after swilling them dry.

Booka is sitting silently and to Patrick, this is worse than death.

Bryce is a very different human at the dinner table and Beck pokes the bear

Quick question? Bryce 2.0 or a robot? Whatever it is, Beck won’t let sleeping dogs lie and stirs the pot. While it’s epic viewing, Bryce is determined not to bite.

“I have a question then,” Beck asks. “If there was no girlfriend on the outside, why were you saying those things to me?”

“Oh good,” Melissa says. And OH GOOD, IS RIGHT.

Bryce, remaining calm, says he doesn’t remember the conversation, to which Beck questions whether he’d pass a lie detector test. At this point, we want John to enter the room and just hook him up if this will be done.

“To me, that was last week,” Bryce says — and we wish this storyline would have stayed there.

Meanwhile, Booka is still being overly polite and giving Patrick a heart attack in the process

Until Booka decides it’s time to pounce and “here we go”…

Booka finally confronts Patrick

Booka finally confronts Patrick and asks what was said before Brett steps in and tells Patrick that what he wrote in the letter was “really quite unfair”.

Patrick calls their relationship “negative” and then throws his buddy under the bus. It’s awkward and we don’t think that the ultimate MAFS bromance of 2021 will survive.

Brett defends himself and says “the theme of the letter is exactly how I feel” and the pair dive into a verbal scuffle at the dinner table.

“They’re just not hearing each other,” Alessandra says, but we’re hearing them loud and clear.

Brett tells Booka that he wants things to be more light-hearted, however, Booka won’t have a bar of it.

“I’m this problem and you’re the perfect specimen which has been the dynamic,” she says.

Brett is exhausted and hopefully, they give him a better bed than the night before.

Brett is visibly upset and Booka turns it around on herself

“Now, I’m the bad person,” she says, noting that Brett is the one who said bad things about his wife.

Johnny decides to be the mediator between Patrick and Brett

Finally, Brett and Patrick have a conversation and Brett says he knows where Patrick came from and luckily for Patrick, the bromance lives on.

After all the drama, it becomes a “love fest” dinner party

But it was short-lived…

Patrick decides that asking Booka about the activities that week would be helpful

Narrator: “It wasn’t”.

Booka announces that her “marriage is ruined”

By this point, the entire dinner party are questioning Booka and Brett’s relationship.

“I don’t want to do this anymore,” Brett says. And frankly my dear, neither do we.

“The theme of the letter was true,” he says before adding, “I want a partner that ultimately wants to make me feel better.”

Booka apologises and says she could have been more “thoughtful”, however, Brett doesn’t return the favour.

The experts are yelling for Brett to stand up for himself, but he doesn’t and the pair say they are “done” – and to be honest, we’re actually feeling a little saddened by this. OG Booka and Brett 4eva!

Bryce and Melissa are really good, you guys!

Bryce and Melissa kiss a lot, even though not one person asked for it, and Bryce admits to the group that he sees a future with Melissa.

Beck “plays with fire” and says Bryce was flirting with her

While we’re not going to put it past him, Beck tells Melissa she felt Bryce was flirting with him.

Meanwhile, Bryce is sweating bullets across the table and we don’t like where this is going.

Melissa says she doesn’t want to talk about it, however, Beck is adamant that Bryce was flirting which is “news” to Melissa.

Bryce asks Melissa what was said

Bryce then asks Melissa what Beck said and Melissa tells him that she defended him.

“I planned to be really cool, calm and collected but this is beyond a joke now,” Bryce says.

Melissa is uncomfortable and is worried about Bryce’s reaction. During an interview with Melissa, she is visibly upset and unable to get her sentences out.

“Rebecca is simple to work out. She tries to manipulate people because her relationship is not going great. She’s not feeling great about herself and how she’s acted in the experiment,” Bryce says. “She’s just lying through her fake teeth.”


Until the next dinner party…

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