Carolina and Daniel Were Torn Apart By John Aiken During the MAFS Reunion

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The final night of the Married At First Sight reunion just finished airing and, let’s just say, we got the closure that we needed. So much happened, but right now, we need to talk about the Carolina and Daniel cheating scandal that took place this season.

Carolina, who was paired with Dion, had an affair with Daniel, who was initially married to Jessica before she called it quits. I know it’s a lot to wrap your head around, but stay with me. After the two were exposed for being in a relationship behind Dion’s back, it seemed as if they got away scot-free — that is, until they reunited with the participants in tonight’s episode.

Married At First Sight is a reality show, and it seems Carolina and Daniel forgot that their secret meetings were all caught on camera. When the experts said to roll the tape, their most intimate moments were shown to the entire group, and boy … did they get torn apart. 

Poor Dion looked shattered as he sat on the couch all by himself, but luckily for him, everyone in the room had his back. 

“I’m so shook because that’s just been timestamped,” said Jack, before apologising to Dion for having to sit through it. And then, in a total boss move, when Carolina interrupted his thoughts Jack responded: “Yeah, hold up. I’m not talking to you.”

“She’s still having a crack at him [Dion] who is being a gentleman quite clearly, during that time period. It’s just really horrible to see. That sucks,” said Jack, who was shocked to hear that Carolina’s affair started in the second week of their marriage. 

Things started to get heated when Daniel told the group, “You’re all single, shut up” after they held the couple accountable for their actions. 

Expert Alessandra Rampolla asked Carolina whether she had any regrets, and surprisingly, she owned up to hurting Dion. 

“Obviously I’m sorry that I’ve hurt your feelings along the way,” she said before Dion chimed in to say, “You didn’t hurt my feelings, I’m a big boy. The lead on, the torment that you put me through, that I don’t try, or I’m not doing this, or I’m not doing that, you should have just been a big woman and said ‘I don’t want to do this, I’ve met someone else’.” 

But while Dion was hurt at how their relationship was treated, Daniel said he felt “good emotions” after watching the footage. 

“If you want the honest truth, that’s how I feel.”

Of course, no reunion is complete without John Aiken absolutely ripping someone apart, and unfortunately for Carolina and Daniel, they were on the receiving end of his wrath.

“You don’t get it. The two of you simply don’t understand the consequences of your behaviour. What you showed us last night, was not you as a unified team at all. It showed us that you were deeply insecure, trying to compensate but failing miserably as a couple. Not only did you come in apologetic and smug, you targeted Dion throughout the evening,” Aiken said. “You need to apologise for it. I want you to own it and be accountable.”

While any normal person would probably be feeling extreme amounts of guilt after that speech, Carolina responded by saying she doesn’t “regret it”.

Dion, you deserve so much better.

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