Cracks Start to Show In MAFS’ Sandy and Dan’s Relationship, Sparking a Heated Argument

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Married At First Sight” groom Dan publicly admitted he’s not sexually attracted to his ‘wife’ Sandy at the latest commitment ceremony. But the following morning, there’s a surprising development in their relationship — they’ve consummated their marriage.

Unfortunately, the experience left Sandy feeling even more confused and hurt. After leaving to go for a run, Dan disappeared for the whole day, adding to the bride’s frustrations.

“I feel like, we slept together, and after that, he treated me like I don’t exist,” Sandy shared with cameras.

When Dan arrived back at the apartment, more than six hours later, he explained, “I needed to take time out ‘cause I feel very caged at the moment inside the experiment.”

“There are definitely some concerns that I have in the relationship. Compatibility’s the biggest one for me. 

“I’m an active guy, I’m into my health, I’m into my fitness. At no point throughout this whole experiment has Sandy demonstrated that she’s a very active, outdoors person whatsoever. I do find it very constricting.”

They have a heated discussion over the groom’s antics before there’s a knock at the door. Dan’s friend Georgia and Sandy’s sister Kiran arrived at the apartment, and it was an excruciatingly awkward visit.

After Sandy expressed concern over her ‘husband’ wanting to spend time with her, Dan shut it down by calling the bride “a little bit of an overthinker”.

Kiran defended her sister, while Dan listed off a series of complaints and criticisms of Sandy. He even brought up the fact that she can’t go to the beach since she’s allergic to the water. 

“I kind of feel like he is making Sandy feel like she’s not good enough,” Kiran told cameras. “He’s coming up with lame excuses as to why she won’t fit into his lifestyle.”

After just spending an intimate night together, these revelations no doubt left Sandy feeling shattered. While Dan, on the other hand, seems hellbent that the pair just aren’t compatible enough. There’s no telling how things will pan out for these two, but it’s not looking good.

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