Magic Mike Has Officially Hit Melbourne and It’s Way Sexier Than We Imagined


Now, listen. I’ve reached a time in my life where having a long-term boyfriend that I pee in front of isn’t a scary place to be.

I’m 25, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve dated the wrong people, I’ve gone out with no expectations and a yes-to-everything attitude. Basically what I’m saying is, I don’t feel as though I’ve missed out, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my rebellious single self.

On Sunday, I decided that I needed a proper girl’s night out. Not just a let’s put on makeup and drink some wines at the local bar, but a proper let’s get dressed up in our sexiest outfit, wear ALL the makeup and go see Magic Mike Live.

The show officially launched in Melbourne two weeks ago, and thirsty babes and gays (us included) are rejoicing. Having been postponed for a few weeks due to Melbourne’s three week lockdown, the build-up of tension was getting unbearable.

Now usually, I’m not one for hyped up live events, but there was no f**king way I was missing out on a taste of Channing Tatum‘s sex appeal brought to life on stage.

Although I knew the show would be amazing and had heard rave reviews, I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was in for.

My girlfriend came over at 4pm on a Sunday evening, with a bag of outfit options and a bottle of vodka.

I made us vodka martinis as we decided which lace bodysuit would best suit the occasion. I settled on an all-black number, with flared jeans, a blazer, hoop earrings and a J-Lo smokey eye, while she went for a purple bodysuit and faded jeans, which went with her fair complexion and purple eye makeup. Oh, and we were both wearing heeled-platform boots, obviously.

Magic Mike Live is being held in its own pop-up venue inside The Arcadia, located on Melbourne’s Birrarung Marr, just beside the twinkling lights of Melbourne’s city skyline and the glittery Yarra River.

Stepping into The Arcadia, felt like stepping into a dimly lit cabaret bar, with lamps, tasselled drapes, lit up back bar, chesterfield couches and all. We ordered margaritas to our seats (more than once) and sat back to enjoy.

The show was insanely good. I’ve never had such an appreciation for the male form, or more specifically: abs. I wouldn’t say I’m an abs girl, for me, they don’t make or break the man, but watching these beautifully sculpted dancers do their thaaaang did something to my heartbeat.

However, Magic Mike Live was so much more than a sexy strip show. There was this awesome feminist slant to the storyline, there was comedy, tap dancing, aerialists, contemporary, live serenading to Sam Smith songs and some absolutely showstopping group numbers.

Although unable to physically interact with the audience, the dancers gave the most incredible eye contact moments which somehow made me feel as though I was the only girl they noticed and the room wasn’t filled with hundreds of other hot thirsty babes.

There was a great cocktail list, a man to suit everyone’s “type”, even one that looked like my ex — taking me back in ways I wasn’t prepared for (if you know what I mean.)

My friend and I laughed and screamed and danced and sang out loud the entire time and it was maybe the most fun girls night out I’ve ever had.

I’ve never felt so free in an audience — like I could let loose and let my freak out without other people or the performers looking at me strangely.

And ladies, if you’re single, all the single dancers come out and mingle in the front bar after the show. Yep, that’s right. One minute they have their juicy butts in your face and the next, they’re buying you a drink. It’s almost too good to be true.

Magic Mike Live is in Melbourne until October and I’m seriously considering going again. If you don’t, you’ll be missing out.

You can find all the information and tickets here.

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