Screaming, Tears and a Shoey — Here’s What to Expect from Married At First Sight 2022

Channel 9

Married At First Sight is set to return and Channel 9 have released a first look into what fans can expect from the upcoming season. The country’s wildest social experiment is about to get even crazier, with the latest video showing screaming, tears and … a shoey? 

The video starts off on a good note with the brides and grooms hopeful about finding love through the show. “I’m looking for that person who sets my soul on fire,” says one of the men. “I think he’s the person I’ve waited my entire life for,” a bride adds.

But just when you think this season will be different from the rest, we’re shown footage of a bride thrusting her foot into a grooms face and suddenly we remember what show we’re watching.

What follows is a clip of one of the brides amid a fiery argument. “I told you to get… stop it, stop it!!” she screams. And of course, no MAFS season is complete without the infamous dinner parties, and, in the latest teaser, a bride says at the table: “You might like things one way and I like them the other way but my way has to be the right way.” 

We hear quotes from the grooms saying “get a personality,” and “get over yourself,” so it’s safe to say, the drama is back. Also making an appearance are the show’s love experts, with John Aiken saying to one of the participants, “you look like you were repulsed by him.”

There is also a mass walkout during a commitment ceremony which ended up leaving the experts stunned. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” John told Alessandra Rampolla and Mel Schilling. 

If you thought The Block’s cheating scandal was the juiciest drama to unravel on TV then it seems this year’s season of Married At First Sight will top it all.

Married At First Sight premieres on January 31 on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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