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Married at First Sight's KC and Michael Break Up

Married at First Sight's KC Osborne and Michael Goonan Have Split!

Married at First Sight's KC Osborne and Michael Goonan have broken up, KC revealed on Saturday.

KC shared a lengthy Instagram post about their breakup, opening with, "It hurts my heart to write this but I want it to come from my mouth before it can be twisted by the media or anyone.

"It is with sadness that I have chosen to end my relationship with Michael," she wrote. She explained that she will always cherish the relationship of almost five months. "Michael became my best friend and 5 months felt like a lifetime while isolating.

"I packed my bags and moved in with him with hopes this would be my forever . . ."

While she did not share details, she seemingly implied that her ex needs to change his behaviour: "I do hope Michael makes some changes as I will always believe in his potential and wish blessings on his life."

She also emphasised to "trolls" that the TV marriages the couple shared "ended way before we had got together". The couple controversially got together after filming for the show, when their relationships with Drew Brauer and Stacey Hampton respectively ended outside the "experiment".

"Michael and I had a great friendship that led into more," she said. "Michael won me over and told me everything I had ever dreamed of hearing from a man . . . I caved.

"This relationship was a real one for me and again I gave it my all . . ."

She implied that she broke up with Michael because of the way he was treating her. "If someone is not treating you the way you deserve you must leave even if it hurts like hell," she stressed.

"I have no bad feelings towards Michael and I hope to keep him in my life in some way," she concluded. "Michael believed in me and always encouraged my hopes and dreams I am grateful for that 🙏.."

Michael shared two Instagram Stories about the split.

First he reshared a post from KC, thanking her fans for their support and asking them to be kind to Michael. "I will not bad mouth him because i loved him and I want to walk away and remember the happy memories," she wrote.

Michael added simply: "Thanks champ . . . All the best no hard feelings." In the second he shared his "parting gift" to KC, which he purchased from Louis Vuitton.

Michael last shared a picture of KC to Instagram in June, while KC has been quiet about the relationship since May.

In April, the day after the finale aired, the couple shared with New Idea that they were an itemand had moved in together. "I think people would be surprised at how well he treats me," KC said. "Michael gives me his all in this relationship and honestly, I could not be happier."

We wish both KC and Michael all the best.

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