“It Was Upsetting”: Martha Kalifatidis Becomes the Latest Celeb to Slam Celebrity Apprentice Edit

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Another day, another celeb slamming the edit they got on Celebrity Apprentice!

Last night, MAFS alum and beauty blogger Martha Kalifatidis was eliminated in the semi-final, after a controversial run on the series.

This morning, she caught up with castmate Michael “Wippa” Wipfli on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa show, copping a lot of heat from them for the sketchy challenge tactics that saw Wippa eliminated on Sunday night’s episode.

On Sunday night, we saw the “Ice Queens” have over a thousand dollars removed from their total sales, after Martha was accused of cheating when she got her partner Michael Brunelli — as well as some friends — to purchase the most expensive ice creams the pair were selling.

Martha said that she had no idea that she wasn’t allowed to get her friends to help boost sales, and alleged that the show had changed the rules after they shot the challenge.

“Martha you cheated, you threw Wippa under the bus,” said Ryan “Fitzy” Fitzgerald.

“I didn’t cheat,” Martha shot back.

Fitzy then said that the episode showed Lord Sugar telling contestants that they weren’t allowed to get friends to come make purchases, to which Martha replied: “Yeah and did you hear him say the exact same line with the exact same tone last night as well?”

It’s not the first time the show has been accused of creating a shady soundbite. In fact, Wippa himself accused the show of editing his words together to create a fake storyline just last week.

“So you guys weren’t told that you weren’t allowed to call people and bring them down?” Fitzy asked.

“No, we weren’t told that,” Martha said.

Like The Veronicas, Martha told Fitzy and Wippa that she’s found the show “upsetting” to watch because of the edit she’s been given.

After making it to the semi-finals, the influencer was eliminated after she made an impassioned plea in the boardroom to keep her on because it would be a great opportunity for her, failing to mention the charity she was trying to earn money for.

Asked what the response had been like, Martha shared that it had been “shocking”.

“It looks really bad and I’m not going to get into it and say this is what really happened and this is how it went down, I’m just not,” she said. “It was entertaining, it was funny. The most important thing to me was that everyone who was on the show with me like my castmates, they know what I’m really like. My friends, my family they know what I’m really like. The show, I won so much money for charity, what more can I ask for.”

Martha went on to say that the comments on her social media were so bad that she had to log off because “mentally it’s so hard” to see herself portrayed in such a one-dimensional manner.

“The only thing that would’ve made it a bit easier would be if every now and then they just show a few things and a little bit of insight into another side of my character where I’m not just being a total bitch,” she explained.

“I always supported my whole team and I just feel like it would’ve been nice if they just showed a little bit of some other side to me but is what it is,” she added.

Wippa chimed in to agree, saying: “Well, from someone who worked on the show, I can tell you this much: the cast, the crew, everyone fell in love with Martha. You see one thing on TV but you’re great”.

Edit aside, Martha remains grateful for the experience she had on the show, posting a lengthy message in tribute to her time on Celebrity Apprentice to her Instagram last night.

Calling it “the craziest journey” she’s ever been on, Martha wrote: “it was REAL and it was FUN… but was it REAL FUN?”

“I learnt so much, I made life long friends and most importantly I raised $40,000 for my charity @bullyzero,” she wrote, adding that she “thoroughly enjoyed watching the show.” So, maybe not quite the same experience The Veronicas have had re-living the experience, then!⁣

“I enjoyed the show for what it, super entertaining, funny and full of drama and hope you can all do the same,” she continued.

Martha went on to share that she found the filming of the show to be “super stressful”, adding, “I obviously don’t spend much time in boardrooms”.

“I was out of my comfort zone, nervous and anxious, though you probably couldn’t tell because I tried hard to put in a brave face,” she wrote. “But the pressure did get to me and I may have said things under pressure that I didn’t really mean.

“It is what it is and I know my mistakes don’t define my time on the show. The money that I raised and will continue to raise for my charity is all that matters,” she added.

Congratulating the finalists and thanking the crew for her time on the show, she finished: “Love love love to you all.”

The grand finale of Celebrity Apprentice airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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