Marvel’s Phase 6 Features a Major Reboot and 2 New Avengers Movies

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Marvel’s Phase 6 plans are finally being revealed a little bit at a time, and every new piece of information has us even more excited for another new chapter in the superhero universe. Designed as the final phase in the “Multiverse Saga,” Phase 6 is currently scheduled to be only one year long – but it could be a year that changes the Marvel universe forever.

So far, Marvel has only announced three new movies and no TV shows as part of Phase 6, but we can be sure there are more to come! Right now, the plans for this phase involve the re-introduction of some of Marvel’s most famous heroes, as well as another two-part “Avengers” saga to wrap up the entire “Multiverse” arc, much like “Infinity War” and “Endgame” capped off the Infinity Saga and led into Phase 4. Take a look at the sneak peeks we’ve been given so far for the tentpoles of Phase 6, and keep this bookmarked for more information as it’s released!

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