Follow Every MasterChef Australia 2021 Contestant on Instagram for Some Serious Food Inspo

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At last! The newest season of beloved cooking reality series MasterChef Australia is here and the contestants are already blowing our minds.

Even though the series is only just hitting our screens, MasterChef Australia has been filming for a few months and for judge Andy Allen, the “amazing stories” are still to come.

“There’s a lot of amazing stories on there,” Allen told POPSUGAR Australia during an interview. “But to me, the life-changing stories are still to come. The competition started for where we are right now and this is where you really see the best of the contestants who are left and that’s what I’m really excited for.”

The home chefs who are competing for their shot at $250,000 and the chance at a whole new career are fantastically diverse and each has an intriguing story to tell, from a breast cancer survivor who lost her sense of taste to a boilermaker who is a hopeless romantic at heart.

If you just can’t wait to start getting to know the MasterChef 2021 hopefuls, then check out each of their Instagram accounts to get a sneak peek at their lives and for some serious food inspiration.

Kishwar Chowdhury, 38, Business Developer, VIC@kishwar_chowdhury

Brent Draper, 31, Boilermaker, NSW — @brentdraper_

Therese Lum, 31, Business Analyst, NSW@therese.lum

Justin Narayan, 27, Youth Worker, WA — @justinnarayan

Scott Bagnell, 39, Interior Designer, QLD @ssbagnell

Amir Manoly, 30, Project Manager, VIC @amirmanoly

Minoli DeSilva, 34, Defence Manager, NT — @minoli.desilva

Sabina Newton, 21, Student, NSW — @sabinanewton 

Dan Dumbrell, 31, Research Project Officer, NSW — @dandumbrell 

Eric Mao, 21, Medical Student, NSW — @e_mao_

Tom Levick, 23, Law Student, NSW — @tomlevick_

Pete Campbell, 36, Tattoo Artist, NSW — @my.mate.pete

Linda Dalrymple, 39, Full-Time Mum, NSW@eating_with_chenwah

YoYo Yang, 19, Medical Student, SA@yo_yo_tato

Tommy Pham, 31, Primary School Teacher, NSW@tommyphameats

Jess Hodge, 36, Landscape Architect, NSW@_made_by_jess

Depinder Chhibber, 29, Pharmacist, NSW — @depinder_

Maja Veit, 33, Self-Employed, TAS — @majaveit

Conor Curran, 29, Restaurant Manager, VIC  @creamy_confusion

Wynona Davies, 33, Marketing, NSW @adashofwyn

Katrina Dunnet, 25, Marketing Coordinaator, SA @aunty_trina

Elise Pulbrook, 28, Paralegal, VIC@elise_foodperson

Aaron Sanders, 33, Insurance Manager, SA@sanders25

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