Culinary Maestro Ross Magnaye Joins “MasterChef Australia” In Epic Showdown

Ross Magnaye "MasterChef Australia"

MasterChef Australia: Secrets and Surprises” is the gift that just keeps on giving when it comes to talent. Last night, we saw the Stanley Restaurant team battle it out with the contestants on this week’s epic showdown of Home Cooks Vs Pro Cooks. Tonight, chef Ross Magnaye and his team from Serai in Melbourne — Shane Stafford and Leandro Miranda — are in the spotlight.

The challenge at hand epitomises the essence of the “MasterChef Australia” kitchen — time and ingredients. With the clock ticking and the ingredient list growing, the contestants will go head-to-head for the chance to secure their spot and escape Sunday’s elimination.

Who Is Ross Magnaye?

From a young age, Ross Magnaye’s passion for the culinary arts burned bright. Growing up in the Philippines, he experienced the vibrant intersection of food and family, where every gathering was a delightful feast. At the age of 15, he embarked on a journey to Australia, eager to pursue his culinary dreams.

After honing his skills at Melbourne’s prestigious William Angliss Institute, Magnaye wasted no time immersing himself in the restaurant industry. His insatiable thirst for experience led him to work at various establishments, ranging from the esteemed Italian Society Restaurant to the renowned pastry studio Burch and Purchese. His culinary exploration took him even further, as he ventured to Brazil and Thailand, working at renowned restaurants such as D.O.M. and Aziamendi.

Armed with Michelin-star training and a global perspective, Magnaye returned to Melbourne to take the helm as the head chef of Rice Paper Sister.

In May 2022, he finally unveiled his modern Australian-Filipino restaurant, Serai, which is a first of its kind in the CBD. With Serai, Magnaye has once again proven his ability to seamlessly blend flavours from both cultures and craft a truly unique dining experience for Melbourne food enthusiasts.

Why Is Serai So Popular?

Serai has become a highly popular dining spot in Melbourne due to its unique culinary experience and the expertise of Chef Ross Magnaye. The restaurant offers a fusion of modern Australian cuisine and Filipino flavours, creating a dining experience that stands out from traditional establishments. Chef Magnaye’s extensive culinary background and international experience bring a wealth of knowledge, creativity, and passion to every dish served at Serai.

One of the reasons for Serai’s popularity is its commitment to showcasing authentic Filipino cuisine. By presenting traditional Filipino dishes with a contemporary twist, Serai introduces Melbourne diners to the rich and diverse flavours of the Philippines.

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