Attention All Dessert Lovers — Here’s When the “MasterChef: Dessert Masters” Finale Drops

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Short and sweet — it’s how we like desserts, and our reality TV. All good things must come to an end, and just like the final bite of your favourite sweet treat, the “MasterChef: Dessert Masters” is sure to leave us happy, satisfied, and looking forward to our next indulgence.

But oh, what a season that it’s been so far. Unlike a regular season of “MasterChef Australia”, “Dessert Masters” puts the masters of their field to the test. From Adriano Zumbo to  Morgan Hipworth, Reynold Poernomo and Kay-Lene Tan, “Dessert Masters” has been stacked with talent from top to bottom. Even better, the tightening in scope has meant that the stakes of every episode have been high, as our esteemed chefs duke it out for the win. After all, it’s not just the $100,000 prize on the line — it’s their reputations.

Before “MasterChef: Dessert Master”s premiered, judge Amaury Guichon praised the contestants’ efforts, adding that he was “so happy” with the series. 

“What I’ve experienced so far, I haven’t seen in a long time – a tight knit community of chefs who share great camaraderie, skill and passion for their craft,” Guichon said in a press statement. “This is a once in a lifetime cast of incredibly talented Australian pastry chefs and it is an honour to be judging them. Their creations are so good, I think the audience will want to lick the television screen!”

Needless to say, we agree, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out! There’s just one question remaining: When is the “MasterChef: Dessert Masters” finale? Here’s everything that we know.

When Is the “MasterChef: Dessert Masters” Finale?

On Sunday, December 3, two “MasterChef: Dessert Master”s contestants will face elimination. The following evening — Monday, December 4 — two more contenders will say goodbye, leaving three finalists to battle it out for the win.

The “MasterChef: Dessert Masters finale” will air at 7.30pm on Tuesday, December 5, and if Network Ten’s statement is anything to go by, it’ll be an episode to remember.

“The “Dessert Masters: grand finale is here!” the network said. “The finalists will battle in a two-course service challenge. Whoever is the top scorer will be crowned champion of “Dessert Masters”.”

Who Will Win the “MasterChef: Dessert Masters” Finale?

We believe that Reynold Poernomo will win the “MasterChef: Dessert Masters” finale. If his previous “MasterChef” experience is anything to go by, it’s about time he take home first prize. 

In 2015, Reynold came third in Season 7 of this series. Three years later in 2020, Reynold took home fourth place. If anyone has the raw experience to take home a “Dessert Masters” win, it’s this very chef.

What’s more, Reynold hasn’t made any major mistakes this season. If he keeps this pace up, he’ll at least make it into the top three finalists.

“MasterChef Australia: Dessert Masters” airs Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays at 7.30PM on both Channel 10 and 10 Play.

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