Farmer Wants a Wife: Meet the Women Vying For Farmer Matt’s Love

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On Sunday night, we kicked off the 2021 season of Farmer Wants a Wife with a bang, and today, we’re getting to know the women each farmer will be taking back to his farm.

Here’s how it worked: Each of our five farmers first selected eight women from the thousands of applications, who were then all brought to the stunning Convent hotel in the Hunter Valley. Then, each farmer got to meet his eight potential loves, from which he selected five women to invite back to his farm and to get to know them better. The other three, sadly, were sent packing.

A 26-year-old cattle farmer from Orbost, Victoria, Matt’s a Def Leppard fan and a self-confessed Aussie bogan. Basically, he’s a true blue Aussie bloke, and he’s ready to settle down with the love of his life.

A fourth-generation farmer, Matt was born and bred on the family farm and is ready to carry on the family legacy.

“This farm, it’s my world. It’s my baby,” Matt said. “I’m a fourth-generation farmer; we need that fifth generation. We need some little rugrats running around here!” 

With so many incredible women hoping to be the woman of this cutie’s dreams, Matt’s going to be relying on his “heart and stomach” to find his soulmate.

He’ll be looking for a woman who loves to laugh, someone who shares his dream of starting a family on the farm and with who he can build a fantastic future. She’ll also have to be willing to help out with running the farm because farm life has always been a family affair for Matt.

So let’s meet the five women he’s selected to take back to the farm:

Alex, 22

A fun fact: A waitress from South Australia, Alex’s nan sent her the link to apply for the show.

Alex says: “I’m influenced by my nan’s values of being home for my husband, looking after the kids with a lovely clean house”.

Brydie, 26

A fun fact: A plumber from Victoria, Brydie says she hasn’t “had the best luck with finding love”.

“It’s been a little hard to find the farmer of my dreams,” she says, so maybe Farmer Matt is the farmer for her!

Hayley, 25

A fun fact: Hayley’s ideal date would be sitting by an outdoor fire watching the sunset with a bottle of red wine.

KJ, 24

A fun fact: KJ is into tarot readings. She says: “Recently my oracle cards have been showing me ‘cupid’ and ‘new partner’!”

Tara, 25

A fun fact: Conveniently, Orbost is Tara’s go-to camping spot over summer, and she’s “absolutely in love with the place”. Wouldn’t it be nice if she could live there full-time?!

Farmer Wants a Wife airs on Sundays at 7pm, and then Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 7 and 7 Plus.

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