Maya Jama Says “Anything I’ve Wanted in Life, I’ve Got” as she Prepares for “Love Island” Debut

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Maya Jama took to her Instagram stories on 11 Jan. to give some words of wisdom to her followers. Posting from South Africa, where she is preparing to make her “Love Island” debut as the new presenter of the reality show, she admitted, “Anything I’ve ever really wanted in life I’ve got”. While she maintains that manifesting has, in part, helped with her career, she adds, “But i dont know what i want net for the first time so this is new I’m in my “enjoy what’s happening right now an think about what’s next later” bag currently”.

Jama went on to list how some tips on how she has achieved so much in her 28 years. She wrote, “Speak out / write down / pray for what you want, Work hard for it, Know and believe you deserve it, Walk away from it if it doesn’t make you feel good, & don’t settle for anything that doesn’t align with it”. Jama added that this mindset can help you attract “almost anything you desire”.

Image Source: Instagram user @mayajama

While it might initially seem as though Jama is promoting “lucky girl syndrome”, the latest controversial TikTok fad which includes viral videos of users claiming luck is always on their side thanks to their positivity and belief that good things will happen to them, the TV host does remind followers that you do have to work hard, and treat people with respect. “Also side note you can’t be a prick an expect good things to keep happening either lol,” she wrote. “I live by the “don’t do to other what you wouldn’t want done to you” rule. It’s easy to know if you’re doing something bad if you put yourself in someone who could be on the receiving ends shoes”.

Since splitting from basketball player Ben Simmons last year, Jama is currently happily single, according to Sunday Times Style, and living in the moment. Her positive affirmations have certainly paid off as the presenter is about to embark on her biggest career move yet. When we’re not watching her on our screens, we’ll be writing down our aspirations, too. Do you think “date Harry Styles” will work?

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