Angourie Rice Reveals the One Thing From Filming “Mean Girls” That She’d Put in a Burn Book

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Dig out your tank tops, mini skirts and pink cardigans because a new iteration of the 2004 smash hit “Mean Girls” is almost here. Set to premiere in January 2024, the film is bringing the Broadway musical reimagining of the cult classic to the big screen. Fans can expect explosive musical numbers, a brand new trio of ‘Plastics’ and Tina Fey’s reprisal of her role as Ms Norbury.

If you’re not privy to the plot of “Mean Girls”, it follows transfer student Cady Heron as she navigates the social ecosystem of her new high school. Cady quickly finds herself swept into the popular ‘Plastics’ clique, and falling for the ex-boyfriend of their supreme leader, Regina George.

Amongst the brand new cast is Australian actress Angourie Rice as Cady Heron, “The Office” star Jenna Fischer and Busy Phillips. Also on the docket is Broadway singer and actress Reneé Rapp, who’s playing Regina George. You might also hear a familiar voice with a new look as “Moana” voice actress Auli’i Cravalho takes on the role of Cady’s friend Janice ‘Imi’ke.

The trailer sent the Internet into a frenzy, with many questioning how it differs to the original “Mean Girls” film. You can check it out here. Although the 2024 release will bear some similarity to the original, this new interpretation is, in fact, a musical!

In anticipation of the release, we spoke with Angourie Rice about her Burn Book inclusions, and what would actually make “fetch” the next big thing.

Angourie Rice on Which “Mean Girls” Filming Moment Belongs in the Burn Book

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You can admit it — there’s someone or something you’d write about in your Burn Book. And although her character Cady Heron doesn’t relish the thought of tarnishing someone’s name in that capacity without some hesitation, Angourie Rice isn’t afraid to share.

Surprisingly, her Burn Book-worthy inclusion isn’t a particular person. Instead, it’s a fashion moment from the filming of “Mean Girls”.

“The shoes that we had to wear during the winter talent show!” Rice tells POPSUGAR Australia, laughing. “They belong in the Burn Book. They were thigh high, pleather, like, plastic boots with a sky high heel.”

The combination of the sticky, sweaty material and having to dance in them all day while filming are key factors in her choice.

“By the end I wanted to throw them in bin!” she added.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, the “Mean Girls” star says that walking “wide legged” will eliminate squeaking noises, and stop the plastic sticking together. Love that!

Angourie Rice on the Moment That Could Make “Fetch” Happen

From outfits to quotes, arguably one of the most memorable moments from the original “Mean Girls” movie is Gretchen Wieners’ attempt to make the word “fetch” — an everyday turn of phrase in place of ‘cool’ or ‘hip’ — happen.

While we’ve yet to see how the new Gretchen Wieners (played by Bebe Wood) will attempt to do the same, Angourie Rice praises her co-star’s acting abilities saying that Wood’s portrayal could make “fetch” happen.

“I think the way Bebe [Woods], who plays Gretchen, says ‘fetch’ is so funny to me,” Rice shares. “When we filmed that scene, just the way she does it, it cracked me up every time.”

She goes on name to Wood’s as “the perfect Gretchen” and speaks on the dynamic between Reneé Rapp (as Regina George) and Bebe.

“Seeing [Gretchen] do that little scene where Regina [George] is like, ‘Stop it, it’s not going to happen!’, and just, [Bebe’s] little face is so sad — I just think that whole performance is just amazing.”

Mean Girls will hit HOYTS cinemas on January 11, 2024. Click here to book tickets.

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