“I Lean Into Sexy”: Megan Fox Just Owned Her Sexuality on the Met Gala Red Carpet Like a True Queen


Not only has Megan Fox been breaking the internet for like, months, but she has also now officially OWNED two red carpets in two days.

First up, at the MTV VMAs, she served naked realness and we had to pick our jaws up off the floor. It’s almost as though we forgot just how insanely attractive Megan Fox is.

Megan Fox at the 2021 VMAs. Photo: Getty

But it’s not just her undeniable body, style and aesthetics that make her attractive, it’s her confidence in herself and how she fearlessly owns her power as a woman that we truly bow down to.

Megan Fox at the 2021 Met Gala. Photo: Getty

Then, on the Met Gala red carpet, Megan stopped to talk to Keke Palmer.

“You’re often seen as a sex symbol, how has that positively or negatively impacted you fashion?” Keke asked.

“I’m not afraid to be sexy, I lean into the sexy.” Megan replied.

“A woman who is intelligent and can weaponise her beauty is the most powerful of all.”

I mean. Come ON. This queen better slay and never stop slaying.

As a huge advocate for sex positivity, I am absolutely screaming at this display of a true woman owning her power, both intellectually and sexually.

Sexual power is such an important part of life and feminism and just being a woman, but so many of use are still afraid to own it out of fear of sounding arrogant.

Without going on a huge rant about the patriarchy and why we feel so much shame around our sexuality as women, Megan Fox is making a really powerful statement that we can all be inspired by.

We don’t need to be ashamed of our sexuality or try to hide it. Our sexiness makes us stronger, whether that be in relationships with others or ourselves, when we start accepting and owning our own power, then we are literally invincible.

Everyone seems pretty convinced that the obsession with Megan Fox has only resurfaced due to her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, and while she is clearly having the best sex of her life right now (and we love it for her), her name actually came back into the spotlight due to a resurfaced interview with Jimmy Kimmel.

Back in June 2020, at the tail end of the #MeToo movement, an interview between Megan Fox and Jimmy Kimmel resurfaced, where she talks about director of Transformers Michael Bay making her dancing around in a fountain with only a bikini on when she was just 15.

Audiences had a problem with both the content of this interview and Kimmel’s response, which was to laugh and make light of the situation.

Megan responded to these reactions, saying in an Instagram story at the time, that she was “never preyed upon or insulted in what she (I) felt a sexual manner” by Michael Bay.

She has acknowledged in interviews since, that she was highly sexualised in her roles in film from a young age, but has clearly leant into this narrative and made it her own, which we absolutely love to see.

We’re grateful to Megan Fox, for not only owning those sexy characters in film, but by continuing to own them as she continues to grow into a woman that we drool over and respect simultaneously.

That’s modern feminism for you babes, we’re sexy AND wise.

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