“It Can’t Be Treated”: Star Megan Marx Details Rare Health Diagnosis

Bachelor Star Megan Marx Details Rare and Debilitating Health Diagnosis

Megan Marx has opened up about being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that brought the star to “tears”.

The Bachelor star, who appeared on the show in 2016, shared the devastating news to her 151,000 Instagram followers, revealing she has spinocerebellar ataxia (SCA6), a rare inherited neurological condition that progressively affects movement.

“Months of waiting for gene test results, I met with the neurologist on Friday. S**t news. Diagnosis. Some tears while Keith took over the conversation,” she wrote on Instagram.

“F**k huh! Feeling grateful for my physical body right now, in its present state, before neurological degeneration attempts to take some of me from me.

“All the yays for love making and skinny dipping and hiking and painting and food-ing and bad dancing and awful conversations at bars.

“Actually feeling grateful altogether. Many have worse diagnoses. Just some processing to do. Lots of living to do.”

Spinocerebellar ataxia is a degenerative condition that affects the nervous system which involves problems with coordination and movement. One to five people per 100,000 have the condition, according to Cleveland Clinic

Marx admitted she put off testing for the incurable illness as “it can’t be treated”.

“I kept putting off testing too – not sure if it’s that beneficial knowing since it can’t be treated! Glad to hear your Mum is doing well. My Pop suffered pretty bad with it (couldn’t swallow properly, walk or talk properly), so hard staring down the lens of that,” she commented on the post. 

The 32-year-old added that her mum and sister also have the same condition.

While the reality star is still in shock over the news, she remains in good spirits.

While it’s hard news for anyone to swallow, the reality star tells POPSUGAR Australia she’s “doing well”.

“A little shocked. I have a lot of people to garner good vibes from in the neurological disease corner – and I’m choosing to follow that positivity,” she said.

Signs and symptoms for the disease typically surface in a person’s forties or fifties and most sufferers require wheelchair support by their sixties.

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The reality star was flooded with messages of support from her fellow friends and followers.

“I know how this feels as my family also carry the same gene! My mum has it, uncles and cousins and my grandfather,” one wrote. “Please reach out as I know it is extremely rare and not many people know about it. I am 52 and yet to be tested, mum was 52 when it came out. I would love to help if you need someone who understands to go on the journey with you. It’s such an overwhelming time.”

Another said, “I’m sorry to hear that. It’s a tough diagnosis, but not a death sentence. A friend of mine was diagnosed in her late 20’s & is now in her mid 40’s with minimal symptoms, so remember not all cases are the same. A lot to take on though. I hope you are able to manage it well.”

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