Melissa Barrera’s Birth Chart Reveals Why Her Career Is Taking Off

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Actress Melissa Barrera is giving us the Latinx representation we need on the screen, and we are stanning so hard. The Mexican-born actress from Monterey has been landing starring roles in many of Hollywood’s recent buzzworthy films. This Latina is only getting started because according to her horóscopo, she’s destined for more stardom.

Barrera’s acting career carries a number of TV and film hitters as part of her accomplishments. You might remember Barrera in STARZ’s “Vida,” where she played Lyn. Known for turning down roles that diminish her artistry as an actress, Barrera is not afraid to reject stereotypes in the characters she’s cast for. As a current rising star in Hollywood right now, get familiar with her phenomenal and powerful acting credits by catching up on Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s film adaptation of his Broadway hit “In The Heights” for her role as an aspiring fashion designer named Vanessa or Netflix’s series “Keep Breathing,” where Barrera stars as Liv.

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Barrera has also starred in the two “Scream” reboots as Sam Carpenter, alongside Jenna Ortega. She played Julie Rivers in the psychological thriller “Best Rest” and was the lead role in the latest film adaptation of “Carmen,” and she’s headlining in the upcoming comedic horror romance “Your Monster.” Aside from her accolades and undeniable talent, the astrology of Barrera’s natal chart is supportive of her success. We’re breaking down her chart and predicting what’s to come for this supernova Latina.

Melissa Barrera‘s Big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising)

Astrologers often reference the sun, moon, and rising positions within a natal chart as The “big three.” These three placements are significant in understanding how an individual will present themselves to the world, what they likely will achieve, and how they will be perceived. If you’re a newbie to astrology, get to know these three positions like the back of your hand. They’ll help you gain a deeper understanding of your natal birth chart without feeling overwhelmed. As for Barrera, she is a cancer sun and a Sagittarius moon. Needless to say, she’s working with some polarity thanks to her water and fire element placements in her chart. Here’s what her birth chart reveals about her.

Melissa Barrera is a Cancer Sun

The sun sign position is usually the one zodiac sign most people are familiar with from their chart. In this case, Barrera is a cancer sun sign. The cool thing about her zodiac sign is that it tightly conjuncts her natal Mercury placement in her chart. Meaning, the planet Mercury in her birth chart is sitting close to her sun sign placement in Cancer. This isn’t too common, but it’s not rare either. It does add significance and power to her.

This position is special because Mercury is the planet of self-expression, speech, and communication. This tells us the sun is blessing this planet when it is conjunct, hinting she would be successful in these arenas because the sun is giving her prosperity, protection, and praise. This makes it easy for her to excel when it comes to acting, which can be a Mercury trait.

If you have a planet within nine degrees of the sun in your chart, this gives you prominence because the sun wants to see you shine and succeed. Hence, her quick rise to fame.

Melissa Barrera is a Sagittarius Moon

The moon sign in someone’s chart tells us their hidden secrets and what experiences in life they genuinely care to explore. The moon sign in your chart will also make you privy to your desires and dreams. In this case, Barrera is a Sagittarius moon. This is a fire sign in astrology, which gives her sex appeal, enthusiasm, and longevity. Sagittarius Energy rules global efforts and carries endurance with it. Telling us, whatever she secretly desires or is determined to excel in, these objectives are capable of giving her mass appeal for a long time.

Other notable actresses with a Sagittarius moon are Zoe Saldaña and Jennifer Aniston. She’s in great company among other serious actresses who care for the craft. Barrera’s moon also speaks to her need to take on work that feels meaningful. Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge, exploration, and creativity. This makes her very adaptable since it is a mutable sign in the zodiac and garners her the ability to be a versatile actress. We can anticipate her taking on a broad range of acting roles and excelling in all the complexities of her artistic expression in these future projects.

Melissa Barrera’s Unknown Rising Sign

Your rising sign in your birth chart is based on your exact time of birth. There’s no public birth time available for Barrera, which makes this a shot in the dark and open to interpretation. As an astrologer, I would assume she’s either an Aries rising or a Libra rising. This would be poetically fitting according to the astrology transits of 2023 and 2024 being that the ecliptic axis of Aries-Libra is occurring during these years. The eclipse in Aries and Libra, I would assume, is playing a significant role in her current success.

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When eclipses hit your big three you can expect major opportunities to arise and life transitions to occur. The rising sign tells us how an individual wants to present themselves to the world and how they seek to be perceived. Additionally, a rising sign provides insight into where you can make your mark in the world and where you can attain achievement.

As a Libra rising, this would make sense for Barrera combined with her Sagittarius moon making her give off an aura of both romanticism and alluring sex appeal. Most Sagittarius and Libra placement women in history are known for being sex symbols or something to that effect.

However, she could equally be pinned as an Aries rising thanks to her physical attributes that give her a pronounced jawline and slender or athletic build, which is what many Aries rising are known for. Further adding to the theory of her possible Aries rising, Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars is the fastest-moving planet in astrology and likes to bring in quick results. This would mean she naturally is good at many things and excels easily at most things in life. With the eclipses occurring, this could magnify her theoretical Aries rising to propel her into big success well into 2025. Either way, her rising is unknown, but we’re placing our bets that her career is only heating up and is guaranteed to reach new heights in 2024. Barrera’s future is looking bright, and there’s no denying she’s a shooting star who won’t fizzle out.

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