Everything We Know About MAFS’ Melissa’s Huge 12 Year Revelation

Melissa MAFS

Perhaps one of the biggest revelations on Married at First Sight came from Melissa Rawson on episode seven of the show, when she admitted that she had been “intimate” with her ex-partner for over 12 years.

While we had previously learned that she hadn’t been on a date for the same amount of time, it was during confessions week that she divulged the specifics.

“My ex and I never got back together, however, over the years, he’s remained a friend and we’ve been intimate — up and until a year ago,” she admitted to her TV husband Bryce Ruthven.

During that time, Rawson’s former partner had gotten married and she would still see him whenever he reached out, although said she didn’t know he was at the time.

Visibly shocked by the revelation, Ruthven, who had only just re-shared his story about cheating on his former fiancée, didn’t take the news very well.

“That was a real surprise to me actually. I’m not here to judge, but at the same time, I kind of am,” he said in a piece to camera. “I was like why the hell would you do that?”

Ruthven then said that he was a little “pissed off” and wondered if his new wife still had feelings for her ex.

“No offence, but you wouldn’t go back to an ex 12 years down the track if you still didn’t have that attachment there.”

Ruthven, who has “never once” gone back to an ex, pointed out to Rawson that she “still seemed happy to hold onto that”, which is not only unfair but he also was not willing to understand a very complicated situation.

“He was my first love,” Rawson said before Ruthven questioned her if she still loved him. Answering “no”, she called their relationship “convenient”.

Ruthven called Rawson’s relationship “toxic” and naturally, she felt “judged”.

Rawson having to defend herself was extremely uncomfortable to watch and as she put it, extremely “upsetting”.

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