Big Brother’s Michael Admits He Tried to “Frame” Daniel Inside the House

Big Brother

Big Brother Australia 2021 has already evicted its fourth housemate and unfortunately for Michael Brown, it just happened to be him.

Arriving with the new crop of housemates on Big Brother Air — a holding pattern they stayed in for literally 24 hours — Michael didn’t make much of an impact on the house. This left him being nominated after a “process of elimination” and on the couch with his “plane crew” friends Tilly Whitfield and Mary Kalifatidis.

“I knew I was in for the fight of my life,” Michael admitted to POPSUGAR Australia after his eviction. “I think I could have gone up against anyone else and survived but that was my worst-case scenario in that nomination.”

This year, there are some huge personalities to contend with and if you think Daniel Hayes is a lot, he was someone the housemates spent a lot of time trying to get rid of.

“His game was in front of everyone’s eyes and that could be his downfall in the end,” the 29-year-old said. “He’s very upfront that he has an intense style of gameplay and he can get his way out of tough spots.”

In fact, Michael said he was so much of a threat that he even tried to “frame him” and Daniel was the most talked about housemate — something that hasn’t been shown on TV.

“There was a lot of talk about what to do with Daniel,” he admitted. “People were deciding ahead of challenges, ‘OK, so we need to put him up’. I tried to attack him from behind the scenes when I took all the forks from the kitchen bench and dishwasher and hid them under his bed to try and frame him. People got really frustrated wondering where the forks were.

“That was my way of attacking him without attacking him head on.”

Unfortunately, rather than framing him, Daniel just got really frustrated and started pointing fingers.

“I thought, ‘ooh, he’s starting to question people’.”

And speaking of forks, food was a huge point of contention. While Mary played the role of house mum and cooked for everyone, rationing was always a sore point.

“There was a lot of debate about how much food you could eat. Like, ‘oh, you can only have this serving’, and of course, people started having more than their fair share,” he said before adding: “Even Mary was worried about eating using too many ingredients because she didn’t want a target on her back, but she had just made a delicious meal!”

Of course, no one can quite understand what it’s actually like to be in the house unless you’ve been a contestant, Michael said that while he would 100% do it all over again, he wished that he hadn’t “relied on the plane crew” so much.

“I was still working on getting to know the Daniels and the Nicks,” he said. “So, I think maybe from the moment we walked in the house, I should have been building strong relationships with them and making more of an effort.”

According to the smiling assassin and marketing consultant, while Daniel is the obvious player in the house, we should actually watch out for Marley Biyendolo to win.

“The ones that you don’t see and the ones you don’t know about who is playing the game from behind closed doors, they’re the more powerful ones,” he said, before later adding: “Marley is so gentle and has an amazing character but he’s also very strong at challenges. I would love to see him go all the way.”

Big Brother continues Sunday at 7 PM and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 PM on Channel 7.

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