Chelsea Crowned Champion of “Million Dollar Island” 2023

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Million Dollar Island” just crowned its 2023 champion, and it’s none other than the unstoppable Chelsea! In a nail-biting finale that had us on the edge of our couches, three fierce contestants — Brett, Chelsea, and Jordan — faced the ultimate challenge of their lives.

You’ve probably been glued to your screens, watching the thrilling saga of “Million Dollar Island” unfold. It started off by dropping 100 contestants onto an unknown island, each armed with a wristband worth a jaw-dropping $10,000 in cold, hard cash. Their mission? To outwit, outplay, and outlast their fellow competitors, stealing bracelets and cash through daring challenges and strategic eliminations.

But after weeks of gruelling challenges and intense rivalries, it all boiled down to the epic showdown between Chelsea, Brett, and Jordan in the electrifying finale.

How Did the Finale Play Out?

Host, Ant Middleton, turned up the heat with a Beat-the-Bomb-style jeopardy, where lurking amidst the 100 boxes (yes, 100!) were not one, not two, but three sneaky bombs threatening to blow away their hard-earned cash. With 100 boxes representing the number of bracelets each contestant had collected during the series, there was a jaw-dropping $10,000 at least waiting inside each box. They also had the chance to convert their wrist bracelet money into cold, hard cash.

Jordan was up first, who had collected 27 bracelets throughout the series. He played it smart, cautiously opening six boxes before making the call to quit while he was ahead. And hey, who can blame him? With a sweet $70,000 in his pocket (including that guaranteed $10,000 bonus), Jordan was no doubt walking away a winner.

Brett Brett entered the finale armed with 31 bracelets and a mind-boggling $310,000 on the line. The tension was palpable as he opened ten boxes with ninja-like precision, skillfully avoiding those devious bombs. But, folks, that’s where the luck ran out. The dreaded Box 13 got the best of him, and he triggered one of those pesky bombs, waving goodbye to a whopping $100,000.

“I didn’t win, but hey, I played the game, and the game played me,” he admitted.

However, he managed to retain his initial $10,000.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Last, but definitely not least, was Chelsea. She had hustled her way to become the wealthiest player in the game. Despite successfully opening 10 boxes and accumulating $100,000 plus her $10,000 guaranteed bonus, she opted to play safe and walk away from the game. That’s a whopping $110,000. That decision paid off, as she emerged as the winner of “Million Dollar Island” 2023.

“I’ve never even come close to having 110,000 in my bank account. I’m happy; I’m stoked,” she exclaimed.

“To come out on top, the winner of Million Dollar Island, is the best feeling ever. You work so hard to survive the conditions, smash the challenges, end up with all the friends that I’ve met here. It’s just the best feeling.”

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