“It Was a Stitch Up!”: Big Brother’s Mitchell Says There Was More to His Date With Christina

Big Brother

Big Brother Australia’s seventh evictee, Mitchell Spencer, was sent packing after being put up as a safe vote by Tilly Whitfield in the latest episode of the series.

A popular and beloved member of the house, it was a complete blindside for the 26-year-old, who had no idea that his time would come to an end so abruptly.

“It was horrible the way I went,” he told POPSUGAR Australia in an interview after his eviction. “It was just a series of unfortunate events, like watching a slow-motion car crash. I thought I was doing well, but that’s Big Brother for you.”

Mitchell was eliminated during Big Red Button week and after waiting hours in the rain to push the big red button, he was rewarded with a steak dinner to have with one person of his choosing. Shooting his shot, he decided to ask 22-year-old flight attendant, Christina Podolyan.

The edit of the date showed the avid bird-watcher and platypus lover just talk about his passion for the animals — making it look like he had struck out. The reality however, was very different.

“The date went for three hours,” Mitchell admitted. “I’ve been on a fair few dates and I think that was pretty bloody good. We talked about a lot of stuff, about our lives and everything. She asked me about it [platypus and birds] and I talked about it for a little bit. I knew they were going to edit it like that. It was such a stitch-up!”

Even more of a “stitch-up” was the fact that Christina then nominated him for eviction.

“There were nine votes against me and four for SJ. Danny [Hayes], Nick [Benton], Mel [McGorman] and I voted for SJ, Tilly couldn’t vote and then the rest voted for me,” he said. “All of this stuff happened behind my back that I was completely unaware of.”

During the scramble for the evictees to plead their case, Nick pushed the Big Red Button and was given the choice of sending one of the nominated housemates away while the others made a last-ditch effort to stay safe. Thinking he would never be evicted, Nick chose Mitchell who was then sent up into a cage above the Big Brother house.

“I don’t know what happened while I was in that cage but there was a lot of talking going on. I could see people looking up at me and I’ve never felt so anxious in my life,” he said.

Now that his time has come to an end, Mitchell has had a lot of time to think about what had happened and when asked if he regretted the alliance he had chosen to be in, he had only this to say: “I would have been safer in the other alliance but I like to have fun and they were a lot of fun.”

Big Brother airs Sunday at 7 pm and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 pm on Channel 7 and 7Plus.

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