13 Movies With Just as Much Horror and Fun as Beetlejuice

Everett Collection / Warner Bros/Courtesy Everett Collection

Saying Beetlejuice three times won’t magically summon a sequel to the classic Tim Burton movie (trust us, we’ve tried), but it will remind you of just how delightfully weird the horror-comedy is. Michael Keaton gave the role of the troublemaking spirit 110 percent, and his performance – coupled with the hilarious story of a deceased couple trying to protect their home from beyond the grave – gives the story both its dark sense of humor and Gothic edge. For that reason, finding movies like Beetlejuice can be tricky. Burton aside, not many directors can combine comedy and horror so effectively. However, the movies on this list will give you Beetlejuice vibes, either in style or in their irreverent approach to serving up scares.

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