Comedy Queen Nellie Brings Laughs and Love to “Love Triangle”

Nellie on Love Triangle

Folks, brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of laughter and love as we introduce you to another hopeful single on “Love Triangle“. Enter Nellie, a 25-year-old comedy sensation from the picturesque island of Tasmania. But she’s not just any comedian; she’s the kind who can turn any dating disaster into a side-splitting story. And now, she’s ready to bring her unique brand of humour to the world of “Love Triangle”. Get ready for an adventure filled with punchlines, twists, and maybe even a little romance.

Nellie’s life has been a comedy goldmine, thanks to a long list of dating disasters that could rival any stand-up routine. From awkward first dates to bizarre encounters, she’s seen it all. But beyond the punchlines, Nellie is on a mission to find something special. She wants someone who not only appreciates her humour but adores her for the incredible comedian she is.

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What Nellie Brings to “Love Triangle”

In a world where swipes dominate the dating scene, Nellie has a unique take — she believes the ‘hot guys’ don’t even seem to swipe right for her on dating apps. But Nellie doesn’t conform to anyone’s standards. She’s looking for a partner who can match her quick wit, humour, and sarcasm. She needs someone who can keep up with her comedic brilliance.

Nellie’s decision to join “Love Triangle” is a bold move, and it’s bound to be filled with punchlines, unexpected twists, and comedic moments. She’s not just searching for love; she’s on a quest to find someone who can be her comedy partner in this grand, unpredictable, and often hilarious show called life.

The first two episodes of “Love Triangle” Season 2 will premiere October 5 followed by a brand new episode every Thursday, only on Stan.

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