Everything We Know About Netflix’s New Horror Series “1899”


Netflix dropped the trailer for its new period horror series, “1899,” and it doesn’t disappoint. The suspenseful trailer opens by showing passengers on an immigrant ship headed to New York. They’ve just gotten eerie news: they have received a message from a supposedly abandoned ship, the Prometheus. This eight-episode show from the creators of “Dark” is set to release in the US on Nov. 17.

Based on the trailer, it looks like “1899” will feel like “Titanic” with a much spookier twist, plus even more drama. Instead of an iceberg derailing the trip, the chilling allure of the Prometheus seems to take these passengers off course. And it’s clear that once the passengers set foot on the abandoned ship, there’s even more mystery to come.

The characters also come from different backgrounds (the trailer showcases characters speaking at least three languages, in addition to English), which will likely make for tense interpersonal drama. What’s more, the show’s poster promises that “what is lost will be found” – and we can only imagine that this group’s secrets will come to the surface along with the Prometheus’s history.

In just two and a half minutes, the trailer – and the show’s promise of discovering truths of the open sea – already have us on the edge of our seat. Keep reading for more details about Netflix’s hottest period horror series.

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