OK, There's No Way There Won't Be a Season 2 of Sex/Life, Right? Here's What We Know

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Just when we didn’t think Netflix could get any steamier than Bridgerton, the streaming platform went and dropped the first season of Sex/Life, and damn, have our lives changed for the better. Thanks to those tantalising sex scenes and episode three, minute 20 (IYKYK), Sex/Life has left viewers weak in the knees in anticipation of a second season. So what’s the sitch? Netflix has yet to give Sex/Life the green light for another season, but based on fans’ reactions to the series thus far, we think the likelihood of seeing more of Brad Simon’s (Adam Demos) chiseled body is pretty high.

It’s not uncommon for Netflix to hold off on commenting on a show’s renewal status, especially for a series in its freshmen season. It could be a few months until we get official word from the streaming platform, but Sex/Life‘s lead Sarah Shahi is optimistic: “We’ve been in the Top Ten for over a week in 86 countries, including the US, and that’s bananas!” Shahi said on her Instagram stories. “But Netflix also really cares how many people watch the whole thing in the first 28 days, so encourage your friends to finish if they haven’t yet.”

Let’s say Sex/Life does get the go-ahead – what crazy shenanigans and sex-capades would Billie (Shahi), Cooper (Mike Vogel), and Brad be up to next? (If you haven’t binge-watched the series yet, you’ve been warned: spoilers ahead!)

In the last episode, suburban mum Billie makes a split-second decision to pursue a physical relationship with her sexy old flame, Brad; however, she still has all intentions of staying married to her husband, Cooper. Desperate to catch Brad before it’s too late, she rushes to see him. Meanwhile, Cooper is receiving live updates of his wife’s whereabouts through their family location-tracking app. When he sees Billie’s pin hovered in Soho by Brad’s apartment, it’s game over.

Before Brad can respond to Billie’s no-strings-attached proposal, the screen pans to black, and we’re left with a major cliffhanger. Speaking with TV Line, showrunner Stacy Rukeyser hinted to Billie’s half ultimatum as a potential storyline for a second season, “I don’t know what Brad is going to say to her,” she said. “He really put his heart out there on the driveway and proposed a happily-ever-after to her, and that is not what she’s proposing to him. I’m not sure if Brad will say yes to that or not. But that’s what we’re hoping to get a chance to explore in season two.”

Again, no official news from Netflix. But since the show was inspired by author BB Easton’s self-published diary-style memoir, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, and we know Easton went on to pen a spinoff series that included Skin, Speed, Suit, and Star, there’s really no excuse not to make a second, third, fourth, and fifth season. Just sayin’.

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