Travel Back in Time With 2023’s Best New Historical Fiction Books

Show of hands: how many of us have learned something new about history because we read about it in a book?

Whether you’re a major history nerd curious to learn more or just looking for an enthralling story set in the past, there are plenty of great new historical fiction books coming out in 2023 that are perfect for you. Travel from the ancient world to the 1800s, from the world wars up through the mid-20th century and beyond, all while getting lost in the stories of some unforgettable characters, sweeping love stories, and tense battles – both literal and metaphorical. Some of the genre’s best new releases this year are inspired by true stories and real people, while others tell original stories to uncover the corners of history that might be forgotten.

Authors like Sarah Penner, Sadeqa Johnson, and Janie Chang paint vivid pictures of eras gone by and characters struggling with what’s expected of them. You can read about real figures from history in new titles from Lynn Cullen, Marie Benedict, Stephanie Marie Thornton, and more putting a more personal spin on the stories from your history books. So as you make your reading plans for the year, get ready to go back in time – and maybe learn something about the present, too – with 2023’s best historical fiction books.

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