Nicola Coughlan Returns to Australian Screens for a Period Romance You Might’ve Missed

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The last few months have been a certified Nicola Coughlan takeover. From Big Mood to the release of her Bridgerton season, it’s no doubt that she’s captivating audiences with her quick wit, brilliant acting and ability to age up or age down at a moment’s notice. Falling in love with her seems like a simple task and Mr Darcy from her iconic Uber Eats ad can vouch.

Coughlan’s Get Almost Almost Anything campaign was a raging period romance success. Now, it’s returning to Australian screens to give us all a reality check on the romanticisation of that era.

If you’re not familiar with Nicola Coughlan’s Uber Eats ad, it sees the actress (as herself) sitting on the couch watching a period romance. The doorbell rings and it’s her very own Mr Darcy on her doorstep, complete with coat tails and top hat. As he attempts to vye for her affection, he finds himself infatuated with her ankles and peeing in things that aren’t actually chamber pots.

Coughlan’s rejection of him shatters the illusion of a 19th century romance in the modern world. It also might just hold us over between the drops of season three, part one and two.

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To celebrate the campaign’s return Down Under, Uber Eats is giving away 100 limited edition fragrance packs to gentle readers that message “Eau de Romance” to the Uber Eats Australia Instagram page. Why? Because they’re paying homage to the reality of it all and telling us that while the courting of that age may be romantic, the personal hygiene standards are not.

Look out for Nicola Coughlan’s period romance and tell us if that would really make you swoon.

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