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Nicole Triple Threat Rose Date on The Bachelor

We've Never Been More Attracted to Locky Than Watching Him Comfort a Scared Nicole Tonight

On tonight's The Bachelor, Nicole traded in her triple threat rose to spend time with Locky Gilbert.

While he led her to believe they were just going for a gentle bushwalk, it had a "Locky twist" — it was actually more of an abseil/rock climbing "adventure", something Nicole was expected to struggle with because she's afraid of heights.

Putting aside The Bachelor's weird and ongoing insistence that women "face their fears" to win a man, it was super sweet to see the "adventure guide side" of Locky come out, as he comforted a petrified Nicole. We've just got to say it — it was hot to see his nurturing side, along with his comfort in that setting.

While we love seeing women turn the tables and show men how to do things — see: Bella teaching Locky how to pop a champagne bottle — there's something about a man being strong and assured, and making a woman feel safe, that's absolutely a turn-on.

As Nicole panicked at the news of the surprise abseil, Locky rubbed her hand. "If you don't want to do it, you don't have to do anything. The fact that you're here with me right now is enough for me. We can go get some chips and gravy."

But Nicole decided to try to overcome her fear to impress Locky, who switched his focus to reassuring and supporting Nicole. "I'm with you the whole way You're fine," he said. "You're doing absolutely amazing."

And his encouragement didn't stop there — he also made Nicole feel that she was capable of climbing a cliff face. "I'm going to be right next to you the whole time," he offered. The fact that you've come this far, you're doing amazing."

If Locky could now please tell us we're doing amazing at writing about The Bachelor, that would be very helpful.

"I've got you," he stressed, as Nicole squealed during the climb. "This is amazing!" he cried. "F*cking terrifying!" Nicole shouted as she scrambled up the rockface.

Filled with adrenaline at the top, the couple shared their first kiss, and Locky's second of the season, after he congratulated Nicole for giving the thrill-seeking date a crack.

"The climb was worth the kiss at the end!" Nicole gushed to camera, with Locky saying that Nicole "blew [his] mind". "Even though we're hot and sweaty, we've just done something crazy, I just couldn't hold back. It was just the perfect moment for a kiss."

Nicole — with both a group date and a visit to the Bachelor pad up her sleeve — is definitely climbing her way into Locky's heart!

The Bachelor airs on Network Ten, Wednesday to Thursday. Join us at our Facebook group Pass the Popcorn to gab about all things reality TV.

Image Source: Network Ten
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