Odell Beckham Jr. Raves About His Son, Zydn: “There's Nothing Better Than Being a Father”


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As Odell Beckham Jr. releases his first signature product with MOON oral care, he’s expressing his appreciation for the little things. Whether it’s flossing his teeth, witnessing his son be captivated by a remote control, or even switching the gears on his toothbrush, it’s been a beautiful time of reflection for the football star.

After welcoming his first child, a baby boy named Zydn, in February, Beckham Jr. was at a pivotal point in his life. He had won his first Super Bowl championship with the Los Angeles Rams just four days before welcoming his son with girlfriend Lauren Wood and was recovering from a heartbreaking injury. He scored the first touchdown in the 2022 Super Bowl, and shortly after, Beckham Jr. tore his ACL in the second quarter and was unable to return. But, like the positive mindset he’s carried with him through his career, Beckham Jr. has rebranded the injury as “a blessing in disguise.”

Beckham Jr. recently spoke to POPSUGAR about fatherhood and the fateful timing of the last year. “There’s nothing better than being a father,” he says. “Just to be able to look at my son and see the whole world in his eyes. I want to make sure that I can be the best man, role model, leader, example that I could possibly be for him.” And he’s doing just that. They’ve been spending as much time as possible together as a family, something that would’ve been more of a challenge had he been traveling for football.

“I can’t think of anything in this world that I love more.”

Beckham Jr. continues, “Truthfully, the injury came and then having a son and having to put my own goals and aspirations aside for a minute to just be there. I don’t think that this didn’t happen for a reason because usually I’d be in season right now. I wouldn’t have the same amount of time I have with my son. I wouldn’t be able to spend these moments and be able to do the things that I’m doing now. It really is such a blessing in disguise that I’m able to spend these times with him at a very young age when he’s developing. I can’t think of anything in this world that I love more.” And while he’s not one to indulge in a cliché, it’s impossible to deny that “everything happens for a reason,” Beckham Jr. says.

“It is beautiful. I can’t express enough the feelings of gratitude I have for what God’s blessed me with. Being able to have a son and spend these times with him,” he adds. “We spend the days just learning him and watching him develop. Whether he’s eating food or fascinated with a remote control, there’s always something new that he gravitates to for the day. The other day it was a hair comb, the next day it’s a little Chapstick. He’s just growing each and every day.”

Beckham Jr. is turning 30 this year, and he’s all about consistency in his regimen, from the two-a-day workouts to the 8 a.m. “full turnt” wake-ups with baby Zydn and everything in between. An extra hour of sleep is not exactly a possibility for Beckham Jr. since becoming a father, but his oral care routine is unrelenting. For those who are wondering, he is a post-breakfast brusher.

“My birthday’s coming up and I was like, when I turn 30, there’s no more falling asleep without brushing your teeth ever, ever again. I’m trying to stick to that. I’ll try and brush my teeth two to three times a day, so that’s the promise that I’m making to myself. No matter if you have a night out, no matter what it is, just find a way to brush your teeth before you go to sleep,” the NFL star says. And let the record show, he does not leave the house without floss in his pocket.

After becoming a MOON brand partner in December 2021, Beckham Jr. has released his first signature product with the brand: the Platinum Electric Toothbrush ($80). One look at the toothbrush and you can tell that Beckham Jr. put his undeniable swag on the design, which instantly elevates the appearance of any bathroom – the shine! The toothbrush has five different modes for all of your brushing needs, including Clean, White, Polish, Massage, and Sensitive. Beckham Jr.’s favorite aspect is being able to switch between the different modes. The most efficient feature, you ask? It can hold a charge for up to six weeks, so it’s the perfect travel companion.

The Platinum Electric Toothbrush is available on www.moonoralcare.com now and will be on Amazon next month. Shop the dental product and get excited to brush it like Beckham (Jr.).

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