Offset Surprises Cardi B With 6 Chanel Purses For Valentine's Day

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A dozen roses could never compare to Offset’s Valentine’s Day extravaganza for Cardi B. On Feb. 14, she went downstairs to find that Offset had covered their entire home with flower petals, heart-shaped arches made of red and pink roses, and candles to set the mood lighting for their day of love. “Hold on, I’ve gotta call my mom,” Cardi B said, excitedly posting videos and photos of the sweet surprise to her Instagram Stories. “He did that! He love me for real! . . . Oh my goodness, I feel so special.”

Between screams of delight and promises to thank Offset in private, Cardi B told her followers, “I feel sad, y’all, because I don’t know how to receive so much love.” As she walked through the house, she couldn’t help but gush over the arrangement of flowers covering their living room, hallways, and even extending out into the hot tub. “This is why we keep having kids,” she joked as she panned over the bed, where Offset has laid out a bundle of roses in the shape of a heart. In addition to the floral scavenger hunt, Offset also gifted Cardi B six Chanel purses in baby blue, orange print, beige, teal, black, and bubblegum pink. Of course, with Cardi B’s impressive style game, we’re sure she’ll find plenty of outfits to pair them with.

Offset’s romantic surprise comes just days after the couple met up with tattoo artists Nikko Hurtado to give each other tattoos in honour of their wedding anniversary. “This tattoo, to us, it means love. And I really like that we have a story behind it. It’s special,” Cardi B said following their tattoo appointment. Keep reading to take a tour of the explosion of roses and to see what Offset prepared for their special Valentine’s Day breakfast.

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